Are Democrat Mayors Really Just Now Waking Up to the Greatest Mass Migration Border Crisis in US History?

By Todd Bensman on July 26, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas – Here’s a news flash and a question for big city Democratic mayors who of late are complaining that illegal immigrants are filling homeless shelters and otherwise straining their municipal social safety nets. First the news: Hundreds of thousands of foreign national illegal border-jumpers have been flooding your cities nonstop for 18 months straight already. Now the question: Have mayors been living in a news-free cave?

. . .

It’s too early to calculate the impacts of this historic crisis in American cities.

But big city mayors, administrators, teachers, parents, and anyone else acting like they had no idea this was going on, the time has arrived to get a clue. Stop casting blame on some Republican governor far away. This is a President Joe Biden legacy. And pull out your wallets. This has only just begun.

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