After the Midterms, Will Joe Biden Loose his Moderate Dogs on the Southern Border?

By Todd Bensman on November 8, 2022

Despite purposeful legacy media suppression of a remarkable story, America well knows that President Joe Biden swung open the southern border gates and unleashed a mass illegal migration tsunami that has smashed every record in U.S. history. Polls consistently show that America’s worst-ever mass migration catastrophe ranks in the top three issues of all voter concern in these elections, right up there with inflation and crime.

The important missing chapter is that, through much of the crisis, a cadre of ranking, moderate White House advisers full-on revolted against what their progressive liberal colleagues were wreaking at the southern border and tried everything in their power to stop it. These White House Democrats did not work as hard as they did because the crisis was bad for the country so much as that they understood more than a year ago that American voters were going to punish the Democratic Party for it in the mid-term election – and beyond to the 2024 presidential election.

Therein lay an important opening for newly empowered Republicans.


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