Op-ed: Biden is breaking the border on purpose — he wants mass amnesty

By Andrew R. Arthur on December 20, 2023

The backlog of pending cases in the nation’s immigration courts has hit 3 million, as millions of border migrants have been released into the United States to seek asylum in the past three years.

It’s a shocking figure, but just the latest example of President Biden’s efforts to break the immigration enforcement system, likely to force a massive amnesty he has long sought.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas — among others — has accused former President Donald Trump of “gutting” the immigration system, but such claims are little more than projection.

Annual southwest border apprehensions exceeded 405,500 just once during the last presidency, in fiscal year 2019, when they hit 860,000. Trump responded with the successful “Remain in Mexico” program, driving illegal migration down again.

Apprehensions have subsequently exceeded 2 million in the past two fiscal years, setting a new all-time record (2.2 million) in FY 2022. . . .

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