Biden Lets in Millions Who Have No Asylum Claim — and They’ll Never Leave

By Andrew R. Arthur on November 4, 2022

More than 100 migrants originally from Senegal — a West African republic smaller than South Dakota — have moved into a tent city on Randall’s Island that had been erected in response to a surge of asylum-seekers whom the Department of Homeland Security had released at the US-Mexico line. They’re evidence of how effectively President Biden’s policies have broken the southwest border.

I say, “originally from Senegal” because according to an imam who organized their arrival, they’d been “working in Brazil when ‘they heard the border was open and they left their jobs … and came to America.’”

That border wasn’t “broken” or “open” when Biden took office. Instead, the president inherited what his first Border Patrol chief, Rodney Scott, described in a September 2021 letter to Congress as “arguably the most effective border security” in US history.


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