103 Migrant Kids Are Found Abandoned in a Trailer Yet Democrats and Media Turn a Blind Eye

By Andrew R. Arthur on March 11, 2023

Reports that 103 unaccompanied migrant children were found Sunday in an abandoned trailer in Mexico, coupled with a recent New York Times exposé on migrant child workers in the United States, casts a spotlight on an underreported aspect of the border disaster — the fate of the 325,000-plus alien children whom Customs and Border Protection officers have encountered at the southwest border since Joe Biden became president.

If they were in the same school district, it would be the sixth-largest in America. Yet most in the press have ignored them.

Most came so they (or more often, their parents and smugglers) could take advantage of a legal loophole that congressional Democrats created in 2008.

Migrant children risk unconscionable abuse on their way here, as then-VP Biden explained in 2014: “These smugglers — and everyone should know it and not turn a blind eye to it — … routinely engage in physical and sexual abuse and extortion of these innocent, young women and men by and large.”

Yet as president, he’s done nothing to deter children from entering illegally.


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