Steven Camarota Discusses Central American Illegal Aliens

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More than 50,000 unaccompanied children have been caught at the U.S.- Mexico border since October. Most of these young people are fleeing Central American countries where gang violence is rampant and economic conditions are desperate. U.S. law currently allows children from these countries to avoid immediate deportation and stay with family members while awaiting court dates. Critics argue this only encourages more illegal immigration and unfairly burdens American taxpayers. But child advocates say young migrants deserve protection from serious harm that would result from deportation. Debate over what to do about the surge in illegal child migration.

Fawn Johnson, correspondent, National Journal.
Steven Camarota, director of research, Center for Immigration Studies.
Wendy Young, president, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which helps provide legal representation for unaccompanied refugee and immigrant children in the U.S.
Adam Isacson, senior associate, regional security policy at the Washington Office on Latin America