E-Verify: Mining Government Databases to Deter Employment of Unauthorized Aliens

By William W. Chip on October 25, 2019

The ongoing debate over U.S. immigration policy sometimes finds itself trapped in a corner where (1) most admit that the country needs stronger measures to enforce the laws against illegal immigration, including measures to prevent the employment of unauthorized alien workers, but (2) many insist that such measures be accompanied by a legalization program for most if not all of the 11 million aliens estimated to be residing here unlawfully on the grounds that "mass deportations" would be impractical and morally unacceptable.

This paper does not delve into the pros and cons of legalization programs, but instead argues that the federal government has data and tools in place that, if properly deployed, could result in the voluntary departure of most aliens who are working here unlawfully, without the need for "mass deportations."

Read the CSAS working paper here.

Topics: E-Verify