Should DHS License an Institution Like This to Teach Foreign Students?

By David North on January 13, 2014

Herguan University, in Sunnyvale, Calif., was raided by ICE as a suspected visa mill on August 2, 2012. Its president and owner, Mr. Wang, (depicted in the picture below) is out on bail during his trial in federal court for visa fraud as we reported in a previous blog.



The place is now fully certified by the Department of Homeland Security to educate foreign students and to issue form I-20, which allows students to apply for F-1 visas.

Five quick comments on the university's website:



  1. The large man in the photograph, Jim Beal, is identified in the caption as a "California Congressman", and in the text as "California House member". He is neither. He is the state senator for the area.
  2. The university's style manual, apparently, calls for a right-to-left identification of people in photos; the general practice in this country is left-to-right.
  3. What kind of university needs to purchase a 10-foot-long printed banner announcing its graduation ceremony?
  4. Why hold a graduation on August 26, 2012, rather than in the usual May or June? Did the timing, and the related photo, relate to the ICE raid three weeks earlier?
  5. The item above apparently has been on the website — uncorrected — for well over a year. The screenshot above was taken on January 9, 2014.