Here's a Checklist of the GOP Senators Who Voted to Advance S.744

By David North on June 12, 2013

The Senate voted Tuesday to consider S.744 by 82-15, with three abstentions.

All 54 Democrats voted to move the bill to the floor, as did 28 of the Republicans. Fifteen GOP members, including Sens. Grassley (Iowa) and Sessions (Ala.) voted to keep it off the agenda.

Three Republicans did not vote on the issue: McCain (Ariz., a likely supporter of the massive comprehensive immigration reform bill), Murkowski (Alaska), and Coburn (Okla.).

Here's the list of Republicans who voted for this procedural move; it is among this group, and perhaps a few southern Democrats, that opponents of the bill hope to secure substantive votes against the legislation later in the debate:

Alexander (Tenn.), Ayotte (N.H.), Blunt (Mo.), Burr (N.C.), Chambliss (Ga.), Chiesa (N.J.), Coats (Ind.), Cochrane (Miss.), Collins (Maine), Corker (Tenn.), Cornyn (Texas), Fischer (Neb.), Flake (Ariz.), Graham (S.C.). Hatch (Utah), Heller (Nev.), Hoeven (N.D.), Isakson (Ga.), Johanns (Neb.), Johnson (Wis.), McConnell (Ky., the GOP floor leader), Moran (Kan.), Paul (K.), Portman (Ohio), Rubio (Fla.), Thune (S.D.), Toomey (Pa.), and Wicker (Miss.).

Voting against consideration were these 15 Senators, all Republicans: Barrasso (Wyo.), Boozman (Ark.), Crapo (Idaho), Cruz (Texas), Enzi (Wyo.), Grassley (Iowa), Inhofe (Okla.), Kirk (Ill.), Lee (Utah), Risch (Idaho), Roberts (Kan.), Scott (S.C.), Sessions (Ala,), Shelby (Ala.), and Vitter (La.).