Good News: DHS Ends H-2A and H-2B Program for Three Nations

By David North on January 21, 2019

Here's a bit of totally good news: The administration has terminated the participation of three nations in our unskilled foreign-worker programs because too many visa holders from those nations have turned themselves into illegal aliens.

According to a Law360 article (partially behind a paywall), the Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, and the Philippines will no longer be able to participate in the H-2A (agricultural workers) and H-2B (non-ag) programs.

In the case of the Philippines and the H-2A program, the drop-out rate was nearly 40 percent, and in the case of the Dominican Republic and the H-2B program it was 30 percent. Most workers in these two program are from Mexico; the numbers prevented from arriving by the new decision are probably relatively small, but it is a welcome development.

This is an instance of non-showy, detailed, and effective immigration policy-making; something that we need to see more often.