EB-5 Justice Is Delivered in New Orleans, but Slowly

By David North on June 25, 2021

We last wrote about the $18 million dollar EB-5 fraud case in New Orleans more than six years ago, on February 3, 2015.

This week, the two principal crooks in the case, described as “60-year-old businessman William B Hartford Jr., and 65-year-old former White House military aide and ex-Air Force Colonel Timothy Milbrath”, were sentenced to 8.5 years in jail each, something of an indoor record. They were found guilty back in 2019, but their sentencing was delayed, in part because of the pandemic.

The swindling corporation was named Noble/Outreach LLC and had promised to help rebuild part of the city after Hurricane Katrina. Instead, much of the money was transferred to personal accounts and spent on expensive vacations.

This news about another instance of EB-5 corruption comes as the legislative authorization for the main part of the program — the pooling of funds through regional centers — comes to an end on June 30, and may or may not be renewed by Congress.