Kudos for E-mail Updates

The Center for Immigration Studies’ site has an e-mail newsletter that “is truly an indispensable resource for those who need to stay on top of what is happening on immigration issues—and not just for Washington or for Washington’s denizens. I consult it whenever I can as one of the ‘required’ stops.”
Demetrios G. Papademetriou, Migration Policy Institute

“Your news service is fantastic and of tremendous utility in my classes.”
Peter Spiro, Temple University Law Professor

“Congratulations again for the newsletter. It is really the best on the world market.”
Patrick Weil, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, German Marshall Fund

“Your service is sometimes so good that I come to assume your researchers are omniscient. . .I like the service so much that I come to worry about what would happen if I ever had to do my job without it.”
Ed Hegstrom, Houston Chronicle

“I can say unreservedly that it (CISNEWS) is a fantastic service.”
John Miklethwait, The Economist

“I find your immigration summaries absolutely invaluable in keeping up with news and trends. I generally start every day reading them, and try not to miss a one. They are remarkably thorough. Keep up the good work!”
Mary Beth Sheridan, The Washington Post

“Although several of us on staff regularly read the Washington Post, New York Times and other papers, we find the articles you send absolutely essential in keeping us informed . . . we appreciate the balance you exercise in your comprehensive choice for the list serve. On a topic as polarized as immigration, such balance is indeed rare.”
Martin Ford, Maryland Office for New Americans

“I also want to thank you again for allowing me to receive CIS’ information. Regardless of one’s opinions on immigration, it is hard to argue that your organization is doing an excellent job playing a constructive role in the national debate on this subject.”
Greg Siskind, Immigration Lawyer

“Thank you for the updates. We use your information and other intelligence sources for our daily briefings.”
Steven Stanley, Intelproz

“. . . keep up the unrelenting stream of stories . . .”
Joel Millman, The Wall Street Journal

“We thank you for the valuable information we have received from you in the past.”
Michael Neurauter, UNHCR

“Thanks as always for your diligent electronic ‘clipping.’”
Mark Regets, National Science Foundation

“Thank you very much for your daily comprehensive scanning and distribution of news, which indeed helps to follow things.”
Heikki Mattila, International Organization for Migration

“I have found it to be very useful and am glad you provide the service – it’s a great way to stay on top of what’s going on and see relevant articles and meeting postings. Thanks.”
Deborah Waller-Meyers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“I am an American consular officer working in India. I run one of the ten busiest immigrant visa units in the world . . . Keep providing the information that helps put my work in context.”
Patrick R. Quigley, U.S. Consulate General Mumbai, Bombay

“Thank you very much. Your service has been most useful.”
Tonderai Chikuhwa, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

“Just a note of thanks for the excellent coverage of immigrant/refugee issues. The information you provide makes my job much easier. I appreciate your efforts.”
Jo Kadlecek, World Relief

“This seems an appropriate time to tell you how helpful (nay, essential!) your servie is to those of us who are laboring in the vineyards of immigration.”
William Bauer, former Canadian Immigration Official

“I want to thank you for sending me your news items . . . I have not been able to read everything in detail. But you provide a wonder service for anyone interested in our field. I want to say this and also that I have spread the word about your network to friends in Sweden.”
Tomas Hammar, researcher

“Since I have been working for the Subcommittee I frequently forward your e-mails to my former colleagues at the Visa Office. The information contained therein, which is often unavailable from other sources or, if available, arrives much later, is very useful to the Visa Office in dealing with visa policy at specific posts/countries.”
Bill Griffith, House of Representatives, Immigration Subcommittee

“I find your clipping service valuable and appreciate that you present all the sides of some difficult issues.”
Ruth P. Clapp , Office of U.S. Congressman Adam Smith, Washington state

“The information services that you provide is part of my daily practice and is also sent to all members of the Canadian Bar Association on a daily basis.”
Jean-Francois Harvey, Canadian Bar Association

“Want to thank you for keeping me on the mailing list. It’s been invaluable. . .”
Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News

“Thank you very much for the daily e-mails you send every day . . . the information is invaluable.”
Iris Amador, Medill News Service

“Your migration newsletters are outstanding.”
LT Drew Orsinger, U.S. Coast Guard

“Thank you so much for all the great information you compile and disseminate. I have found it extremely useful and informative.”
Cheryl Skafte, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

“Thanks for your news service; I use it daily.”
Doug Ellice, U.S. State Department

“Your service is excellent; thanks for you work.”
Ignacio Ibarra, Arizona Daily Star

“Thanks for your informative postings. I’ve enjoyed them, and they’ve come in handy here at the MoJo Wire.”
Monica Mehta, Mother Jones

“Thanks – your service is one of the most dependable sources of immigration news I have found to date!”
Cynthia Davis, Department of Justice

“Thank you so much for keeping these goodies coming.”
Angela de Rocha, Office of U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX)

“You’re doing a yeoman job sending all this stuff out and I like it!”
Carl Pietrantonio, Border Patrol Agent

“. . . thanks. The list is GREAT.”
Ken McLaughlin, San Jose Mercury News

“I have appreciated the timely, wide-ranging information your CISNEWS list has provided. We’ve used this information for backgrounding as well as a point from which to launch additional research. Thanks for the great job.”
Alice Adams, Houston Chronicle

“. . . I would like to thank you for the copious information I receive via the CIS mailing list. This is an invaluable resource.”
David Case, Journalist

“. . . thanks for the immigration clippings through the e-mail. They’ve been helpful.”
Mae Cheng, Newsday

“Many thanks – your service is a fabulous source material for stories.”
Patrick Cox, Boston Public Radio

“Thank you for the incredible amount of information you provide us.”
Silvia Dominguez, Urban Sociology & Social Policy

“I read your newsletter every day and I find them very useful as a practitioner in alien labor certification field. Your e-newsletter is the best source on immigration available. Keep up the good work.”
Bob Schleicher, Montana Department of Labor and Industry

“For the record, as a fairly new subscriber, I would like to thank CIS for this service (CISNEWS). It’s been amazingly useful.”
Elise Richer, Urban Institute

“Thanks. This listserv is the most informative of any to which I subscribe. Your good work is greatly appreciated.”
Charity Wilson, AFL-CIO

“I have learned a great deal about United States immigration issues through CISnews. Vancouver is, like parts of the US, the recipient of many people fleeing Latin America. I read your country’s stories with a sense of foreshadowing what might come here. Keep up the good work!”
Robb Schultz, BC Business Immigration Office, Vancouver

“I wanted you to know I find your listserv very helpful.”
Sharyn Obsatz, reporter, Riverside Press Enterprise

“Your service is the first thing I read in the morning.”
Cynthia M. Davis, U.S. Department of Justice

“(I) appreciate your news service. It’s a great way to keep up with immigration issues around the country and around the world.”
Mike Dino, General Accounting Office, U.S. Federal Government

“I don’t know what we would do without all the information and help we get from you.”
Harold Farmer, Hoover Institution

“Thanks for sending me your very good e-mail service.”
Michael Fix, Urban Institute

“By the way, it’s (CISNEWS) a great service! Keep up the great work.”
James Garcia, Editor & Publisher, Politico (Hispanic Internet newsletter)

“I read your goodies everyday when I get home from my Border Patrol duties. Thanks for all the good information.”
Ray Harris, Border Patrol Agent

“Many thanks! The service you provide is invaluable!!!”
Donald J. Hernandez, U.S. Census Bureau

“I would like to thank you for the CISNEWS subscription. You are doing a great job!”
Mikhail M. Ivanov, Russian Academy of Sciences

“I do not know how much feedback you receive on you e-mail mailing list, but I have subscribed about six months and have found it to be the absolute best source for news on immigration. I am continually amazed at how valuable it is, whether it is to find out about conferences, GAO reports, books and publications . . . or to build an electronic archive of articles. Much thanks, and please keep it up!”
David Kroeger, Author

“Your clipping services are the best; at least, I can’t think of anything better, or even close to its quality.”
Eric Larson, General Accounting Office, U.S. Federal Government

“Thanks for all the great information that you’ve provided – especially lately!”
Melanie Martindale, California State Demographer’s Office

“I really appreciate the e-mails you send keeping me up to date on immigration happenings around the country.”
Kevin McCoy, New York Daily News

“I love and need your bulletins.”
Tommy McDonnell, Learning English Adult Program, Inc.

“Thanks for sending these news items, which are always thought-provoking.”
Pamela Royce, Attorney

“. . . thanks for running the e-mail “immigration update” service – I find it very useful.”
Bob Schoeni, RAND

“I’m so happy to be on your mailing list!!! This is obviously going to be a key resource for me covering immigration in the Southwest. Keep the stories coming!!!!”
Mark Shaffer, Journalist

“I can’t tell you how important your fantastic service is. I don’t know whether you read The Fence Post, but if you do, you know how much I rely on your e-mail information service. Before I subscribed to CIS e-mail, I spent literally hours combing news services and national newspaper websites. Now, I find every thing I could want from you.”
Byron Slater, Border Solution Task Force – The Fence Post

“Many thanks for a very useful service.”
Paddy Weaver, Australians for an Environmentally Sustainable Population

“I am an avid reader of you information. Thank you for the wonderful work.”
Martin Wyss, International Organization for Migration

“Wow! Great selection of Immigration Opinion articles today. Your service is a great help to my immigration work and teaching.”
Greg Gourley, U.S. Immigration Assistant

“Thank you for your excellent service!”
Bruce Friedman, Immigration and Naturalization Service

“I think you supply an excellent service . . .”
Cathy Hingley, Office of Leon E. Benoit, Canadian Parliament

“This news service is one of the most valuable that I have encountered.”
Ned Lynch, former Immigration and Naturalization Service official

“Thanks for all the effort you put into the listserve--I find it immensely helpful.”
Michele Wucker, author

“I love your message service and have recommended it to others.”
Terry Horne, The Indianapolis Star

“I have been receiving your material via the CIS email news service for many months now, and thank you!”
Bud Gray, Trumpet America

“Thank you for the wonderful service.”
Carolyn Cash, International Organization for Migration

“Thank you for all the information you daily put up!”
Sandra Kroger, International Organization for Migration