'The Door Is Open!' One Cry Among 10,000 in a Mexican Border Town Where Migrants Are Ready to Risk the Rio Grande… Despite Warnings That Children May Drown

By Todd Bensman on May 12, 2023

Armed only with hand-held radios, four uniformed Mexican immigration officers didn't hear the pounding footsteps until it was too late. They were going to be overrun. A charging, screaming crowd of migrants, some carrying young children in their arms, stampeded down the bank of the Rio Grande River just outside of Matamoros, Mexico.

I watched as the immigration officers tried to hold back the mob, but it was pointless. When force failed, they tried reason.

“Please, the babies! The children! You're going to hurt the children!” an officer shouted in Spanish. “The children could drown! Stop! Please stop what you're doing!”

Regardless, women with little ones and men with older children on their shoulders rushed into the river that marks the U.S. Mexico border.

They're headed north for Brownsville, Texas.

And as the clocks ticks down to the expiration of Title 42, the policy that permits U.S. Border Patrol to quickly deport illegal border crossers, and before new rules go into effect, these migrants decided they couldn't wait any longer.

I came to Matamoros to speak to some of the thousands of migrants who've rushed here in recent days and weeks.

Why have they come? Haven't they heard from the Biden Administration that “the border is closed”? . . .

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