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Refugee Advocates Should Leave Steve Jobs Alone

By Nayla Rush, December 1, 2015

Following ISIS' threats, the Paris terrorist attacks and unreliable vetting measures, many in the United States have expressed their concerns about welcoming Syrian refugees into their country.

The Obama administration, in a gesture of appeasement, released a cartoon video for Americans to watch and "see exactly what a potential refugee goes through to resettle in the U.S."

Others, call on Steve Jobs to do the job. Read more...

On Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens, States' Rights, and Discrimination

By Dan Cadman, December 1, 2015

Fox News is reporting that a group of aliens living illegally in the United States, Oregon specifically, is suing to overturn a ballot initiative in that state in which voters resoundingly rebuffed attempts to legislatively permit illegal aliens to obtain Oregon driver's licenses.

The basis? Discrimination. The plaintiffs allege that the ballot initiative, Measure 88, is unconstitutional "because it 'arbitrarily' denies driving privileges based on membership in a 'disfavored minority group.' It [the lawsuit] alleges Oregon voters were motivated by "animus toward persons from Mexico and Central America." Read more...

Population Growth: The Elephant in the Room at the Paris Climate-Change Conference

By Jerry Kammer, December 1, 2015

The big item on the international diplomatic stage for the next two weeks will be the talks in Paris aimed at reaching agreement on actions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The big item that is being ignored in the run-up to the talks is the other major factor in the climate-change equation: the population growth that is accelerating the emissions. The billowing growth of the number of human beings is the elephant in the climate-change room. Read more...

Tightening L-1 Rules in Grassley/Durbin Bill and Canada's Approach
Part 3 of 3

By David North, November 30, 2015
Part 3 of 3

The proposed S. 2266, as introduced by Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Dick Durbin (D- Ill.), will, in addition to the previously described H-1B reforms, make some major changes in the L-1 foreign workers program, which up to now has had no labor market protections at all.

The L-1 program allows multinational firms to move professional employees into the United States on a temporary basis. In most years the admissions of such workers have been at about the level of H-1B admissions, which in FY 2013 were a little above 500,000 for the L-1s and a little below that for the H-1Bs. Read more...

Fertility Among Immigrants Varies Significantly

By Steven A. Camarota, November 30, 2015

Fertility among immigrants varies significantly. Some groups of immigrants or those from some regions tend to have birth rates that are much higher than that of natives, while others are more similar. The table below reports the number of births per thousand for immigrant and native women based on the recently released 2014 American Community Survey. The survey asks women in their child-bearing years if they gave birth in the prior year. Read more...

How to Survive the Audit that Almost Never Takes Place

By Dan Cadman, November 30, 2015

Law360 has recently published a series on how to defend against employer worksite actions by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The four articles are, of course, full of tips and tricks intended to aid lawyers in the defense of employers. But given the rarity of worksite enforcement, the question that immediately leaps to mind is: Why bother with the series at all? It seems a little like parents encouraging their children to believe in the bogeyman under the bed. Read more...

EB-5 Woes: Another Las Vegas Casino, Two Restaurants, and an H-1B Visa

By David North, November 30, 2015

As the December 11 deadline approaches for the termination — or renewal — of the heart of the EB-5 program, three more negative stories have emerged about various aspects of the program. We have not reported on any of them before.

They involve yet another Las Vegas casino, mismanaged California restaurants, and an effort to create an H-1B visa artificially to ensure the completion of an EB-5 investment. Read more...

What If They Passed a Law and Nobody Enforced It?

By Dan Cadman, November 30, 2015

I read with some interest a recent posting by my colleague Kausha Luna on the Guatemalan congress's passage of a law with basically two prongs — one dealing with human trafficking, the other with alien smuggling. The difference between the two is, in some ways, one of nuance. Simplified, Read more...

EB-5 Gets Another Black Eye – Maybe Two of Them

By David North, November 25, 2015

The EB-5 program suffered from one scandal last week in California (Chinese Americans cheating Chinese aliens) and maybe another as the FBI raided a major EB-5-supported property in Arizona.

There's more information on the California case than the Arizona one, but the latter has the more interesting cast of characters. Read more...

Guatemala Congress Passes "Anti-Coyote" Law

By Kausha Luna, November 25, 2015

Guatemala's Congress unanimously approved a bill last week amending the Migration Act. The newly passed "anti-coyote" law criminalizes the illegal activities of traffickers knowns as "coyotes." Read more...