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Prof. Matloff Busts 'Best and Brightest' Ballyhoo for H-1B Workers

By David North, March 18, 2011

Professor Norm Matloff (from the University of California at Davis) quietly demolished the industry-cultivated notion that because H-1B workers are the "best and the brightest" more of them should be admitted to work in America's high-tech industries.

He did so this morning a few blocks from Capitol Hill, at the Georgetown University Law School building at a meeting sponsored by the GU Institute for the Study of International Migration. Read more...

The Criminal Alien Constituency

By W.D. Reasoner, March 18, 2011

I've been thinking about alien criminals. Specifically, I've been pondering with dismay a disturbing trend: it seems that they've begun to develop a constituency in this country. When and how did that start?

Although I don't remember falling asleep, I'm concerned that I may have had a Rip Van Winkle moment and awakened to a dystopic version of America in which personal responsibility no longer counts for anything, and the notion of consequences for bad acts doesn't apply. Read more...

Salt Lake Chamber – Enemy of the Taxpayer and Utah Children

By Ronald W. Mortensen, March 18, 2011

In 2006, the Salt Lake Chamber was designated by Americans for Tax Reform as an "Enemy of the Taxpayer".

"This is not a chamber that is looking after the interests of Salt Lake City, Utah and the business community," said Grover Norquist, the ATR's president.

Since that time the chamber has worked hard to maintain the title bestowed upon it. In 2010, when the Utah economy was still struggling, the chamber recommended that the gas tax be increased by ten cents a gallon. Read more...

Ariz. Sheriff Babeu and His (Not Federal) Immigration Task Force

By Janice Kephart, March 17, 2011

Somewhere in the early hours of 2011, when hospitable temperatures conducive to drug and alien smuggling in Arizona had my hidden camera friends calling me and updating me on curious illegal activity going on in the desert, the mayors of three Arizona border towns – one on the western end of the state's border with Mexico, one in the middle, one in the east – decided that they were tired of their county to the north complaining about surging violence attributed to drug and alien smuggling. Read more...

Attrition Works, Respected Think Tank Edition

By Mark Krikorian, March 16, 2011

The Public Policy Institute of California is about as respectably mainstream (i.e. liberal) as a think tank can get. Its board of advisors includes people from all the state's commanding heights: the teacher’s union and Disney, SEIU and Sun Microsystems, the Bank of America and the ACLU, Goldman, Sachs and the Natural Resources Defense Council. Its publications are routinely published in Spanish and on immigration its work has generally reflected the bien-pensant consensus that more is better.

Which is why its latest report is so arresting. Read more...

Secure Communities, Please

By Jessica Vaughan, March 14, 2011

There are approximately 2.1 million criminal aliens living in the United States, according to new figures from ICE's Secure Communities office. Of these, about 1.9 million are removable, and the remaining 200,000 are green card holders who committed lesser crimes allowing them to avoid removal. Read more...

Advocates for More Immigration Outline New Strategies

By David North, March 14, 2011

The ever-creative, nicely-funded advocates of more migration have announced a new set of strategies for federal action.

In a nutshell: if congressionally-enacted "comprehensive immigration reform" is off the table for two years, their emphasis will be on narrow administration actions that can be implemented without congressional approval. Each of the actions will be focused on the rights of some groups of aliens – not numbers – and all of them in totality will encourage more migration directly or indirectly, though that is not mentioned. Read more...

ICE's Morton Envisions a 'Culture of Compliance'

By Jerry Kammer, March 14, 2011

John Morton, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, appeared on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal" this morning. (See the video here.) He offered this general outline for a credible program of worksite enforcement. Morton envisioned a cultural shift that would end the workplace charade that for the past 25 years has made a mockery of the 1986 law that, for the first time, made it illegal to hire illegal immigrants. Said Morton: Read more...

Like Nike, States Just Do It!

By James R. Edwards Jr., March 13, 2011

Though some things may take an act of Congress, as the old saying goes, the states remain the laboratories of democracy. And lately, much of the democracy in action dealing with the adverse consequences of immigration overload has occurred in state legislatures. Read more...

One of the World's Smallest Navies Thwarts Illegal Entries to the U.S.

By David North, March 13, 2011

It is one of the world's tiniest navies, yet it is doing an effective job of preventing illegal entries to the U.S.

And, no, it does not carry the U.S. flag, and it may not even get any U.S. government funds.

The entity is the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (BDF), which is the army, navy, and air force of the Bahamas, all wrapped into a single organization.

If everyone's press releases are to be believed, it is much, much more likely to stop illegal immigrants from Haiti than all of America's migration cops put together. Read more...