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'The Toughest Transparency Rules in the History of Government'? Saga of a FOIA Request

By Janice Kephart, October 26, 2011

I won't stop fighting to open up government … I can tell you we've put together the toughest ethical rules and the toughest transparency rules in the history of government."
-- President Obama, January 22, 2010

In July 2010, President Obama stated he was working to open up government and add transparency so Americans could see just what was going on in federal government, including a record of every single person coming in and out of the White House. Read more...

Fact Checking the 'Fact Checkers'

By Stanley Renshon, October 26, 2011

As anyone who follows politics knows, the last few years have seen an explosion of web sites that purport to fact-check the claims that are ubiquitous features of American political life. Their standard operating procedure is to take a phrase or a political or policy claim and assess its validity. They all have rating scales of which the following is typical: Read more...

No Schadenfreude for Cassandra

By Stephen Steinlight, October 25, 2011

In 2004, I broke the Jewish Establishment's informal code of silence and went public about the inevitable impact of massive illegal immigration, by far the greatest part Mexican, on the interests of Americans who are Jews, warning over time it would erode if not altogether nullify Jewish political clout. Being a messenger of bad tidings is never enviable: one's metaphorical fate is to be shot. However, the news was long overdue, and someone had to deliver it. I went ahead, though I knew I'd almost undoubtedly play the role of Cassandra: predict the future and not be believed, and worse. Read more...

U.S. Doing Nothing Visible about Forced Marriages Leading to Visas

By David North, October 24, 2011

The United States seems to be doing nothing about a problem that Great Britain is dealing with: forced marriages leading to fraudulent visas.

As noted in an earlier blog, that nation has been taking steps, perhaps halting ones, for the last three years to combat forced-marriage-creating immigration visas. Read more...

Another Local E-Verify Ordinance

By Ronald W. Mortensen, October 23, 2011

On October 18, 2011, the Washington County (Utah) Commission passed an ordinance that requires "businesses that receive a business license from the county to use E-Verify…."

The ordinance was crafted based on a recent Supreme Court decision, Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting, 131 S. Ct. 1968 (2011). In that case, the Court declared that states may require businesses to use E-Verify and that the states can use their licensing authority to enforce employment verification requirements. Read more...

Sin of Omission

By James R. Edwards Jr., October 23, 2011

Mass immigration enthusiasts Roberto Suro and Marcelo Suarez-Orozco give Washington Post readers their take on how to deal with immigration today. Their recommendation: Break out of the intransigent positions that are based on unreal story lines about America's immigration, past and present.

Not to say these writers don't make any good points. They rightfully criticize the "false choices" politicians and the press often present, for instance. But they do tend to sin by omission. Read more...

What Cole Porter Didn't Know about International Marriages

By David North, October 21, 2011

Lithuanians and Letts do it
Let's do it, let's fall in love
– Cole Porter

While those wonderful old lyrics suggest the possibility of dreamy international marriages, some of the realities of such arrangements are less than attractive, as the current British discussion of forced marriages reminds us. Read more...

Three Latinos on the American Dream: a Brain Surgeon, a Migrant atop a Train, and a College President

By Jerry Kammer, October 21, 2011

Some late-night time with Tivo this week provided three compelling Latino perspectives on the state of the American dream. The first came from a former illegal immigrant from Mexico who is now a brain surgeon; the second from an unidentified Central American migrant riding atop a train rumbling toward the U.S. border; the third from a former Cuban refugee who is now president of Miami-Dade College. Read more...

Good News: 15 B-1 Russian Engineers Aiming for Boeing, Stopped by CBP

By David North, October 20, 2011

Here's a rare bit of genuine good news on the nonimmigrant worker front: the immigration inspectors at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport turned back 15 Russian engineers that Boeing had wanted to work full time on a visa (B-1) that prohibits such behavior.

With the exploitative H-1B program not as generous as some employers want, several have turned to the B-1 visa for business visitors as a substitute. B-1 visa holders can attend training sessions, go to conferences, and sell stuff but are not supposed to take full-time jobs in the American economy. Read more...

Obama: Deportation Numbers 'Actually a Little Deceptive'

By Jessica Vaughan, October 19, 2011

According to President Obama, the allegedly record-breaking deportation numbers released this week by ICE Director John Morton are "a little deceptive." I agree. They give the impression that this administration is enforcing the law more than, say, the previous administration. But other ICE numbers suggest that immigration enforcement is declining, not increasing. Read more...