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Case History: 32 Years Later and Fernando Arango is Still in Court

By David North, February 21, 2012

Some aliens' battles with the U.S. government go on for 10, 12, even 15 years.

Then there is Fernando Arango.

He started his relations with the government successfully, but on the wrong foot, when he arrived in the U.S. from Columbia in 1980 with a green card obtained through a fraudulent marriage. (It ran in the family. His sister arrived in the same manner.) Read more...

Finding Skilled Workers for U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

By James R. Edwards Jr., February 20, 2012

The good news is American manufacturing jobs appear to be on the rise. After years of offshoring followed by the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, which contracted employment severely, some corporations are returning to the U.S. Other manufacturing firms are expanding operations. The bad news is those cackle-raising assertions about not being able to find qualified workers are back, too. Read more...

Closing Immigration Loopholes That Benefited Capitol Bomber

By James R. Edwards Jr., February 20, 2012

The case of would-be suicide bomber Amine el-Khalifi, who targeted the U.S. Capitol on Friday, highlights a number of fixes we need to make in order to keep the United States free of immigrant threats. Read more...

Homeland Security Pork

By David North, February 18, 2012

Most people are not aware that the fine print of the Department of Homeland Security's new budget includes a set of grants "to help strengthen the nation against risks associated with potential terrorist attacks and other hazards" . . .

. . . to be awarded to Indian tribes.

A total of $6 million has been set aside for this purpose; it even has its own initials, which are THSGP, for the Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program. It is a small part of a much larger activity. Read more...

Another Terrorist Attempt, Another Illegal Overstay

By Janice Kephart, February 18, 2012

While the Obama administration continues to advance "homegrown terrorism" as the biggest threat to homeland security, another reminder came Friday that we must be vigilant about who it is we let in our country, and whom we let stay. Read more...

Oscar-Nominated Portrayal of an Illegal Immigrant from Mexico

By Jerry Kammer, February 17, 2012

The movie "A Better Life" is the story of an illegal immigrant gardener from Mexico who struggles nobly through a series of indignities as he strives to maintain his dignity and guide his confused son through a gang-sickened landscape in East Los Angeles. Read more...

Case History: Sloppy Government Work Stalls Criminal's Deportation

By David North, February 17, 2012

Sloppy work by both an ICE attorney and an immigration judge (IJ) has led to the delay, and perhaps ultimately the reversal, of the well-deserved deportation of a native of El Salvador who has a substantial criminal record.

This was revealed, if not in the terms I used above, by a recent decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals. Read more...

Four Films Demand Repeal of Alabama Law

By Jerry Kammer, February 16, 2012

As I attended the discussion of Alabama's law against illegal immigration yesterday at the Center for American Progress, it occurred to me that the opposing sides of the national immigration debate have answered President Truman's forlorn yearning for a one-armed economist who would abolish ambiguity.

The discussion introduced a series of four short films that make impassioned statements against the Alabama law and urge its repeal. They can be viewed here. Read more...

House Immigration Subcommittee Has a Lively Hearing

By David North, February 16, 2012

The immigration subcommittee of the House of Representatives had an unusually lively hearing yesterday on the DHS Acting Inspector-General's report about how the USCIS agency staff is pressed to say "yes" to immigration benefit applications and to do so quickly.

The administration's spokesman denied that this was happening.

Is the Mainstream Media Incapable of Getting the Facts Right About H-1B?

By John Miano, February 16, 2012

Abuse in the H-1B program is so routine that it hardly is news. Even using the H-1B program to import teenage sex slaves sparks little outrage. When plain vanilla H-1B abuse takes place, it is really old hat. Read more...