2015 California Border Tour

Hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies

Hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies

Our next tour will commence in San Diego in March of 2015. The seven-day excursion led by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Jerry Kammer will canvass almost the entire California border. We will visit areas that have experienced heavy illegal traffic, such as Border Field State Park, and travel south into Mexico, staying in Tijuana before heading east to Tecate and crossing back into the United States. We will explore El Centro in the heart of the Imperial Valley and travel through the winding Algodones sand dunes that have long posed extraordinary challenges for the Border Patrol, making it as far as Yuma, Arizona before heading back to San Diego. Along the way we will get spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and the rugged borderlands while being briefed by retired law enforcement officials, immigration experts, and locals who have experienced many sides of the issue firsthand. The trip includes a visit to a Mexican shelter for deportees and a guided tour of parts of Tijuana that are closely tied to illegal immigration. We will enjoy trips to Coronado Island, the Mexican seaside town Rosarito, the Tecate brewery, and a California vineyard that grows right along the border fence. Contact John Wahala, jaw@cis.org, for more details if you are interested in joining us for this invaluable look at the southwest border.

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Testimonials from Past Guests:

"All I can say is top notch, incredibly well-done. These tours are can't miss." - Jim

"Every American should come see the state of the southwest border." - Linda

"The various people we met brought into stark relief the magnitude of the problems the nation faces arising from illegal immigration." - Allan

"You promised we would not get the usual Border Patrol spin job or fed the Janet Napolitano line about how border security has improved, and you were right. We heard and saw at many dangerous border sites from local ranchers, a veteran customs agent, border residents and brave journalists who really knew their stuff, the dismal truth about how our federal government has failed to protect American citizens." - Don

"We thought the arrangements to meet these extraordinary people were superb, as was the guidance and logistics on the entire trip. Thanks for all you did to make our visits such memorable experiences." - Don

"It was an outstanding trip. So much experience and information packed into just a few days. Thanks for the excellent arrangements!" - Sarah