Investigative TV Show Focuses on EB-5 Scandal

By John Miano, December 13, 2016

The latest edition of Michelle Malkin Investigates addresses the EB-5 investor-visa cesspool. It also features my colleague David North, who has written extensively about this immigration scam.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the EB-5 mess, the MMI report gives a good introduction to both the program and how political insiders (e.g., Harry Reid, Terry McAuliffe, Tony Rodham) use it to line their pockets at public expense; how the program has been perverted from its original purpose of encouraging investment in depressed areas; and how there is no oversight. Michelle and I wrote about the EB-5 program in chapter 7 of our book Sold Out.

This report focuses primarily on EB-5 scams in Vermont, but they are going on all over the country.

This is the first MMI segment (45 minutes) to feature immigration issues, although I am sure we will see more in the future. You have to get a subscription to Conservative Review Television to view MMI. Given the quality of the productions, the cost is well worth it.