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IRS Policy Labels Illegal-Alien ID Thieves as "Borrowers"

By Bryan Griffith, November 5, 2015

Bob Segall, investigative reporter for WTHR Indianapolis, has released a new two-part report on illegal immigration and the Internal Revenue Service. View the reports in the embedded video below.

Segall won the Center's Katz Award in 2013 for his 11-part series exposing fraud and mismanagement within the IRS that allowed illegal aliens to receive billions of dollars in improper tax credits and refunds. Read more...

Election Results Show Push Back Against Amnesty Votes

By Bryan Griffith, November 5, 2014

Immigration policy played a major role in debates, polls, and news leading up to the 2014 mid-term elections. Below is a run down of immigration-related election results.


  • Ballot Measure 88 subjected Senate Bill 833, which gave illegal immigrants access to drivers licenses, to the popular vote and failed by a two-to-one margin, 66.7% to 33.3%.

Arkansas

WTHR Continues Report on Illegal Alien Tax Loophole

By Bryan Griffith, July 6, 2012

The WTHR 13 News in Indiana has continued its investigation revolving around IRS income tax returns from illegal immigrants. I wrote on their investigation previously in a blog that contained the first four reports. Since that time, WTHR investigative reporter Bob Segall has released two more reports on the massive fraud committed by illegal aliens via ITIN tax filings (embedded/linked to below). Read more...

The IRS, ITINs and Child Tax Credits

By Bryan Griffith, May 31, 2012

The WTHR 13 News in Indiana has brought renewed attention to how the IRS handles income tax returns from illegal immigrants. When an illegal immigrant files a return they will often use an ITIN number (unless they choose to use a fraudulent SSN). WTHR's report focuses on those returns that have claimed Child Tax Credits, allowing the illegal immigrant to receive large tax refunds - often for children not residing in the the U.S.

(Video of WTHR's four-part series is after the jump.) Read more...

Morning News, 12/8/11

By Bryan Griffith, December 8, 2011

1. DOJ presses border agent
2. Dems predict movement
3. Romney, Gingrich differ
4. AL Atty. Gen. questions
5. NC GOP begins push

Morning News, 12/7/11

By Bryan Griffith, December 7, 2011

1. DHS disputes TRAC report
2. DOJ sends warning letters
3. Gingrich not hurt by amnesty
4. AL forum explains shortage
5. Illegal alien to stay

Morning News, 12/6/11

By Bryan Griffith, December 6, 2011

1. State Dept. reviews visa program
2. Director in ethics investigation
3. Fast and Furious probe expanded
4. AL Gov. reassures foreign industries
5. Debate over skilled visas

Morning News, 12/2/11

By Bryan Griffith, December 2, 2011

1. Sen. Grassley blocks bill
2. Gingrich's immigration boards
3. GOP candidates debate
4. AL trains 16,000 cops
5. Dayton welcomes illegals

Morning News, 11/30/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 30, 2011

1. House votes on visas
2. AL speaker defends law
3. VA co. wants enforcement
4. CA candidate on issue
5. ICE arrests 15 in MI

Morning News, 11/29/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 29, 2011

1. Feds sue over SC enforcement
2. Fed judge strikes more of AL law
3. US deports 250+ Haitians in '11
4. Obama losing Hispanic votes in FL
5. Bachmann on enforcement

Morning News, 11/28/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 28, 2011

1. Feds sue UT over immigration law
2. GAO: illegals set AZ fires
3. Gingrich defends amnesty stance
4. Trump defends Gingrinch stance
5. Perry receives endorsement

Morning News, 11/23/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 23, 2011

1. DOJ challenges UT law
2. GOP debate takes on issue
3. Illegals suspected in fires
4. AL city drops lawsuit
5. Armed illegals stalked BP

Morning News, 11/22/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 22, 2011

1. WH policy struggles
2. DHS refutes 'stonewalling'
3. Indian team tracks smugglers
4. Group considers recall
5. NJ cop indicted

Morning News, 11/21/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 21, 2011

1. FL Rep. questions loophole
2. IL Rep. fights SC law
3. Survey: Ethnic divide in CA
4. FL town fights detention center
5. Pakistani immigrant accused

Morning News, 11/17/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 17, 2011

1. DHS to begin review
2. DHS Sec. backs efforts
3. AL lawmakers weigh changes
4. Uncle makes court appearance
5. Smuggler got immunity

Morning News, 11/16/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 16, 2011

1. Atty. Gen. called to resign
2. DC bill cuts detainment time
3. Union wants to see evidence
4. 13 arrested at AL protest
5. Occupy Oakland arrestee

Morning News, 11/11/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 11, 2011

1. DOJ asks SCOTUS not to take SB1070 case
2. Emails reveal FBI confusion over Secure Communities
3. Fewer visa lottery applicants
4. Winner of AZ recall soft on immigration
5. AZ defense of SB1070 has cost $2 million Read more...

Morning News, 11/10/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 10, 2011

1. Obama says GOP gives him edge
2. Survey: Arizonans favor amnesty
3. Confusion over VT policy
4. Activists target Obama aide
5. Regent U. pres. to speak

Morning News, 11/9/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 9, 2011

1. WH limits enforcement
2. Nations ask to join lawsuit
3. Report criticizes searches
4. AZ law author loses recall
5. Orchards question crackdown

Morning News, 11/8/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 8, 2011

1. Education Sec. praises breaks
2. DOJ wants injunction on SC law
3. GOP candidates seek endorsement
4. GA Gov. calls for changes
5. Group pushes for visas

Morning News, 11/3/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 3, 2011

1. E-Verify bill splits GOP
2. Panel approves subpoena
3. Cong. Dems plan AL protest
4. AL denies DOJ request
5. TX Atty. Gen. on cartels

Morning News, 11/2/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 2, 2011

1. House GOP to subpoena data
2. Feds won't investigate
3. GOP hopefuls discuss SC
4. AZ Sheriff seizes guns
5. Illegals rescued at border

Morning News, 11/1/11

By Bryan Griffith, November 1, 2011

1. DOJ sues over SC law
2. Judge asked to block AZ
3. Romney hits Perry in NH
4. AZ Gov. criticizes DHS Sec.
5. Illegal pleads in VA

Morning News, 10/28/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 28, 2011

1. Bill drops country caps
2. AZ debate continues
3. UT Atty. Gen. criticizes
4. Critics attack AL law
5. FL activists protest

Morning News, 10/27/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 27, 2011

1. Feds review SC immigration law
2. Border agents hampered by law
3. Study: increase in Long Island
4. Confusion over AL law
5. Salt Lake City holds summit

Morning News, 10/26/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 26, 2011

1. Feds meet with UT officials
2. CA releases criminal immigrants
3. SC law will affect legal residents
4. Second drone to patrol border
5. BP agent jailed for arrest

Feds meet with Utah officials over immigration law
By David Montero
The Salt Lake Tribune, October 25, 2011

Morning News, 10/25/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 25, 2011

1. Senators not using E-Verify
2. 'Diversity Visa' applicants
3. Students in TX receive state aid
4. OH city welcomes immigrants
5. UT Immigration conference

Morning News, 10/24/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 24, 2011

1. ICE searches for war criminals
2. Court dismisses AZ countersuit
3. Issue heats up in 2012 race
4. RomneyCare aids illegals
5. AL farmers worry about labor

Morning News, 10/21/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 21, 2011

1. Perry attacks on Romney
2. AZ Gov. defends law
3. MA Gov. launches effort
4. KS touts local police
5. ACLU alleges assaults

Morning News, 10/20/11

By Bryan Griffith, October 20, 2011

1. Deportation record questioned
2. Romney cites CIS in GOP debate
3. GOP immigration debate heats up
4. Comments may alienate some
5. AZ Gov. defends AL law