Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

"This is an administrative version of the DREAM Act, which Congress has repeatedly rejected. The White House claims it’s just setting enforcement priorities, exercising “prosecutorial discretion” over whom to arrest and deport, and that those who benefit are just getting a temporary reprieve from deportation. That is a brazen lie."

- Mark Krikorian, CIS Executive Director

"The estimated number of beneficiaries has been steadily climbing. . .[t]he estimate grew to 800,000, then 1.4 million, and then 1.75 million, and it could be as high as 2 million."

- Mark Krikorian, CIS Executive Director

Here Comes the Judge

By James R. Edwards Jr.
May 2013

ICE Agents Have Standing to Sue DHS Over DACA

By Janice Kephart
February 2013

Obama's Illegal Amnesty Continues

By Mark Krikorian
December 2012