Here's a Switch: The Dangers Migrants Face Leaving the U.S. for Canada

We have heard for years about aliens seeking to illegally enter the United States from the south dying in the heat of the desert along the southern border. This past winter we began to hear about the exact opposite — aliens with dubious or no credentials fleeing from the United States to Canada, and risking freezing to death in the process.

Trump Sibling-in-Law Plays Princeling in China

Nicole Meyer (younger sister of President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner) may have been obtuse about the American optics in Beijing on Saturday, but she was spot-on with the Chinese culture when she pitched a crowd of rich Chinese about her family's latest EB-5 investment in Jersey City, N.J., right across the Hudson from mid-town Manhattan.

Open-Borders Advocates Slip EB-5 and H-2B Extensions into Spending Bill

The congressional leadership, aided by the Appropriations Committee, has once again extended the EB-5 program, and a loophole in the H-2B program, by inserting language in the massive interim budget bill. The provisions, due to expire this coming Friday will now remain in place until September 30, the end of the fiscal year. Republican and Democratic leaders agreed over the weekend to the text of the budget bill, which is expected to be passed shortly.

Massive Fraud Shown in O-1 (Extraordinary Ability) Nonimmigrant Category

[Revised May 8, 2017, to reflect that the New York case involves O-1 nonimmigrant visas, not EB-1 immigrant visas.]It is with some chagrin that I return to a discussion of the relatively small "aliens of extraordinary ability" visa category. A few weeks ago I wrote enthusiastically about Anya (not her real name) as an exemplar of the immigration system working as intended, as it so often does not.

Bad News & Good News on Immigration

The bad news is that the immigration investor (EB-5) program will have one more week of life before yet another deadline.The mini extension was carried in the continuing resolution passed by both houses today; it will keep the government funded for another week.

The Four Dimensions of H-1B Reform

When contemplating the reform of the H-1B program, in order to reduce the damage to resident workers, we usually hear about the wages paid, which is appropriate, but less often is there any discussion of the other three dimensions of the situation. (H-1B workers are nonimmigrants and usually college graduates.) Clearly, if a large number of H-1Bs are admitted at an average wage of, say, $10,000 or $15,000 a year below the market level, as is the current situation, that depresses that labor market. But there are other obvious dimensions, less often discussed: