Pressuring Students in the Service of Teaching Diversity

For many years immigration specialists have pointed to the historical success of assimilation in sparing the United States the ethnic, national, and racial conflicts that other counties have experienced. As scholars such as David Hollinger, Peter D. Salins, and Arthur M. Schlesinger have pointed out, this is no accident. Rather it comes from a history in which ordinary Americans and those who headed America's primary governmental and cultural institutions agreed that assimilation to American values and cultural premises were the not-particularly-hidden secret of that success.

The Public Religion Research Institute Strikes Again: The "Unaccompanied Children" Poll, Pt. 1

Faulty questions and untenable options are not the only means by which uninformative immigration poll results can be produced.

Sometimes polls don't have to resort to survey subterfuge; instead, results can be reported in a way that gives an entirely wrong and misleading impression. In doing so, they can then count on others to report what they have announced, confident that most readers will not bother to read, or think through, the actual results.