Wishful Thinking from the Center for American Progress

In the progressive political circles I frequent, I often hear exclamations of amazement regarding climate change deniers. "How can these people reject the mountain of evidence that the world is warming? How can they deny the scientific consensus regarding humanity's leading role in disrupting the climate? How, in good conscience, can they ignore climate change's potentially disastrous impacts on their own children and grandchildren?"

Oil Spills and Immigration Policy

Is there any connection between American immigration policy and the oil spilling onto Gulf coast beaches from BP's Deepwater Horizon rig?The answer might seem an obvious "no." Efforts to make such a connection might seem ridiculous: an example of immigration reductionists' absurd creativity in finding links between immigration and any problems facing the United States. What's next, critics might ask. Are you going to blame immigration for the lack of focus in America's space program, or the profound lameness of Lady Gaga's latest CD?

Is There a General Right to Immigrate to the U.S.?

Recently, Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer signed State Senate Bill 1070 into law, the strongest effort yet, at the state level, to reduce illegal immigration. Clearly, with the highest numbers of illegal border crossings in the country and many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the state, Arizonans are fed up with the status quo. They want immigration laws enforced and they want them enforced now, not five or ten years down the line, maybe.

Progressives Debate Arizona's New Immigration Law

Related Content: Arizona Law SB 1070 Topic PageThis past Friday, Arizona's governor signed Arizona Senate Bill 1070, the strongest bill to reduce illegal immigration in the nation, by far. According to news accounts, the bill does four main things.First, it makes remaining in the United States illegally (technically, not registering with the government as a foreigner), currently a federal crime, an Arizona state crime as well, punishable by fines and imprisonment.