Obama Administration's DREAM Decree – Compassion or Child Abuse?

The Obama administration has taken a large step in doing what many of America's religious, political, and business elite have demanded for years by providing amnesty and work authorizations to over one million adult illegal aliens. At the same time, the administration has callously sacrificed countless numbers of American children who are the victims of illegal alien-driven identity theft and other job-related felonies.The fact that amnesty was provided by extra-legal means is of no consequence to the elites. After all, they routinely twist and ignore laws as they work to achieve their goals of more church members, more political power, and more economic riches.

Stopping Illegal Aliens from Stealing Our Children's Identities

My last blog concluded by asking "What can we do to stop illegal alien-driven, employment-related child identity theft that is destroying the futures of millions of innocent American children?"The answer is simple — require all employers to use an employment verification system that ensures that the names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth of all current employees and new hires match. After all, an adult may be able to use the name and Social Security number of a child, but he can't use the child's birth date.

Utah: America's Reddest State Has Lost Its Moral Compass on Illegal Immigration

After suffering legislative reverses in 2008 and 2010 when bills passed that mandated the use of E-Verify, Utah's large, pro-illegal alien establishment has reasserted its political power.Although Utah is considered to be the reddest of the red states because it consistently elects Republicans, that does not mean that it is conservative nor does it mean that its moral compass is working.

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Utah Attorney General Unable to Effectively Defend Utah's Enforcement Law

In early 2011, by an overwhelming vote of both houses, the Utah state legislature enacted an illegal immigration enforcement law (HB497) which has been described by its opponents as a "watered down version" of Arizona's SB1070. In spite of this, advocates for illegal aliens still filed suit to prevent it from taking effect.Unfortunately for the legislature that passed the law, the governor who signed it, and the citizens who support it, HB497 is being defended by Utah's Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, who is an unwavering advocate for illegal aliens, an unabashed supporter of amnesty, and a key ally of the government of Mexico.