Rising Concern About Immigrants in Greece

Golden Dawn, a stridently nationalist political movement, has taken off in strife-torn Greece, the Washington Post has reported in a front-page news story. This development should serve as a cautionary tale to the Obama administration, whose actions to deprive Americans of their right to self-government could very well spark similar movements here in the United States.

Choose You This Day Whom You Will Serve

The open-borders group CASA de Maryland, which is pushing the state-level DREAM-lite — in-state tuition for the state's illegals — on the ballot this fall is putting its religious allies between a rock and a hard place.

CASA de Maryland has joined forces with homosexual activists who are mobilizing on the gay marriage issue, which also will appear on Maryland's ballot on November 6.

This political alliance, decided by the groups' radical leadership, puts Hispanic clergy in league with those trying to legitimize sexual conduct the Bible clearly doesn't condone (see Romans 1:24-26 and work your way back to Exodus).

Study Finds Skilled Low-Wage Workers

Further evidence that we don't need to keep importing foreign job competitors: A report just out finds that Chicagoland low-wage workers "are better educated, older, and rely more on that income these days to meet basic needs than 10 years ago." Working-age individuals in the study comprise almost a third of payroll employees earning $12 an hour or less. One-sixth of those in this income category have a college education.

Bad Dreams About "Free" Health Care

The New York Times has reported on a curious decision by the Obama administration: Amnesty recipients through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) end-run legalization won't be allowed to collect expensive federal health care.But Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-S.C.) 2009 "you lie" remark during a joint meeting of Congress challenging President Obama's claim that illegal aliens wouldn't benefit from Obamacare may have been prescient, even though the White House awoke the DREAMers from their hoped-for taxpayer subsidies.

Maryland May Wake from DREAMing in November

Just after the Obama administration has started an illegitimate, de facto amnesty for would-be DREAM Act beneficiaries, the reliably "blue" state of Maryland may reject its state DREAM-type law bestowing in-state college tuition rates on foreign lawbreakers.

Maryland, a state that politically has been reliably in the Democrats' pocket, will likely back Barack Obama's re-election while rejecting this blatant reward for breaking America's immigration laws. Now that's interesting.

Revisionist History on Skilled Immigration

American exceptionalism and economic achievement would hardly be advanced and could even be placed at greater risk if we did what lots of elites, including leading politicians, keep calling for: "staple a green card to every foreign student's U.S. college or graduate diploma".This lame claim has been potently countered by many able voices. I recently rebutted this talking point, but it's worth deflating again.