Spinning the News

One way to spin the news is by selecting stories that together create a single message. With immigration looming as a national issue the editors of my local paper, The Contra Costa Times, are doing their part to move amnesty forward by diffusing public misgivings about it and about Mexico as a neighbor through the selection of articles in their news coverage.

Aerial Reconnaissance over the Prairie

The US watches the once longest undefended border with drone aircraft Adapted from a report in the Munich newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, March 2, 2009Canadians have long been proud of the "longest undefended border in the world" between their country and the United States, 8,891 kilometers across the entire continent from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean. Those days, however, are over, say some Canadians, for the United States is beefing up its surveillance along a 370 kilometer stretch of the border between Manitoba and North Dakota using unmanned aircraft equipped with infrastructure cameras and optical sensors.