Principle of Immigration Reform: Abolish Employment-Based Green Cards

We have seen that the Washington establishment is committed to not reforming immigration. "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" has become a euphemism for "amnesty for illegal aliens" plus "more foreign labor" plus "all the goodies lobbyists can throw in". The result is a 1,000-plus page bill that allegedly reforms a system created in 120 pages.

When you read the bill, you find a key piece is missing: reform.

I thought I would start writing down what I would expect to be in an immigration reform bill. I will try to put these down as I have time.

Replacing Americans

Byron York noticed the great paradox of the cheap labor efforts of American business. York observed last week that Merck plans to lay off one-fifth of its workers. Yet its V.P of human resources sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi demanding Congress allow more foreign labor into the country.

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IBM Settles Discrimination Claim

I have written several times about visa abuse at IBM. I wish I could share everything on IBM that comes across my desk, but often the sender requests it only be used for background. When the eventual discrimination lawsuit does hit IBM, I am sure the discovery process will unearth a sewer.

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Media Misleads on True Nature of H-1Bs

If you follow an issue closely in the news, you get a clear picture of how useless the American media is. A few weeks ago I contacted the writer and editor of a wire story on H-1B visas that had a dozen clear factual errors. They responded that they were trying to tell a story. In other words, these writers were not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Here is a example from ABC News.