Open borders activists are undermining Joe Biden

They don't care if the Democrats lose the midterms, or even the Presidency

By Mark Krikorian on October 20, 2021

In the 1983 movie The Big Chill, a disillusioned former public defender describes the criminals she’d been assigned to represent in court as the scum of the earth. When asked what she’d expected, she answered, “I don’t know. I just didn’t think they’d be… so guilty.”

In the same vein, the Biden administration did not seem to expect that the immigration activists it catered to during the presidential campaign (and drew upon to staff his administration) would be… so anti-borders.

The conflict between the radical demands of these immigrant-rights groups and the White House desire to avoid political catastrophe broke out into the open over the weekend. During a Zoom call on Saturday with administration officials, activists read a statement decrying the fact that the Biden administration was complying with a court order to restore a Trump-era immigration-control measure, and then staged a virtual walkout (i.e. they logged off).

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