If Cesar Chavez’s Bust Could Talk

Now more than ever, we need National Border Control Day

By Mark Krikorian on March 31, 2021

On Wednesday, First Lady Jill Biden will celebrate National Border Control Day.

Well, sort of.

March 31 would have been Cesar Chavez’s 94th birthday, and the president’s wife is scheduled to attend a ceremony honoring the late labor leader at his United Farm Workers union’s first headquarters in California’s Central Valley.

Chavez’s lifelong advocacy for tight borders and against illegal immigration are the reasons his birthday is increasingly celebrated as National Border Control Day. But the first lady isn’t likely to mention any of that, especially given her husband’s responsibility for sparking the current border disaster.

The Left’s inversion of Chavez into a prophet of open borders is the reason the president’s staff strategically placed a bust of him in the Oval Office during the photo op when Biden signed a series of executive orders weakening immigration enforcement.

But if Chavez’s bust could talk, it might offer a very different take on immigration than what those who lionize him today might expect.

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