Thousands of Chinese spy balloons are hovering over American universities

By George Fishman on June 1, 2023

Each year, the People’s Republic of China sends aloft thousands of spy balloons to hover over American universities. They are doing far more damage to our national security than the balloon we finally shot down. Yet America not only allows them to enter our airspace freely, but we actually encourage them to — in large part because they pay full tuition.

I am speaking, of course, about PRC nationals going to college on student visas. In the 2019/20 academic year, they numbered 372,532, more than one-third of the entire foreign student population. Because of COVID, the number dropped to 290,086 in 2021/22, still representing almost one-third of all foreign students.

PRC military officials openly proclaim that armed conflict with the United States is inevitable and the PRC has been assiduously pursuing a goal of military superiority. Speculation runs rampant that the PRC will invade Taiwan — and President Joe Biden has signaled we will come to Taiwan’s defense. The PRC openly aligns itself with Putin’s regime and may yet send weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine.

How are we preparing for this threat? Believe it or not, we are engaging in a campaign of turbocharging the PRC’s war preparations. Crazy? Seemingly. How? . . . 

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