More Than a Wall

Five ways in which Republicans can help create better immigration policy

By William W. Chip on November 17, 2022

In the latter half of the 20th century, the Democratic and Republican Parties were split on immigration, with unionized Democrats and traditionalist Republicans favoring less, while leftist Democrats and business-oriented Republicans favored more. Those days are past. The 21st century’s “Great Awokening” has transformed the Democrats into a virtual open-borders party, while the GOP has been shifting toward immigration restrictionism, largely because of former president Donald Trump’s discovery in 2016 that nothing brought more cheers from GOP audiences than a commitment to controlling immigration. His discovery accords with a 2021 Cato Institute poll finding that 81 percent of Americans wanted less immigration and 59 percent would cut it by half or more. Such sentiments also help explain why President Biden’s opening of the borders is so unpopular....

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