Manchester Leaks: Bad? Yes. Treason? No.

As most readers will be aware, following the Manchester, England, terrorist attack by a suicide bomber, British authorities accused U.S. personnel of inappropriately and prematurely sharing details of the investigation, including the bomber's identity as well as forensic evidence. Those details ended up in the New York Times and, quickly thereafter, other American media outlets, to the dismay of the constabulary, which is in the midst of an ever-widening investigation into the bombing.

Pew Research Shows How OPT Undercuts American Workers

In March the White House issued a press release, "President Trump Delivers on Jobs for the American People", that cited his progress in making good on his campaign promise to bring jobs to American workers. The release observes, "As a candidate, Mr. Trump promised 'I am going to bring back the jobs that have been stripped away from you and your country.'" There does seem to be some progress, but what if his administration could free up thousands of jobs practically with the stroke of a pen (no need for a phone, folks), simply by undoing another one of the abysmal programs twisted out of recognition by his predecessors? He can.

Reflections on Analyzing Donald Trump's Words and the So-Called "Travel Ban"

Not so long ago, my colleague, Andrew Arthur, wrote an excellent blog, "Loaded Questions and False Assumptions", about the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' treatment of the president's executive order directing a visa time-out for certain countries deemed a high terrorism risk, which was frequently and erroneously referred to as a "Muslim travel ban".

DHS Secretary Kelly Extends Haitian TPS for Six Months

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly has announced, after a period of deliberation, that he has decided to issue a six-month extension of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Haitian nationals in the United States. The decision was made after a period of very public entreaties by any number of nongovernmental agencies, affected Haitians themselves, and the Haitian government.

"Punishing" Apprehended Illegal Aliens with Alternatives to Detention?

Conservative Review has published an article, "Weak border bill threatens to undermine GOP's wall promises". The bill in question is being put together for introduction in both chambers of Congress by Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Mike McCaul respectively. As one can gather from the title of CR's article, it is not necessarily a bill those who believe in responsible immigration control and enforcement can look toward with any pleasure.

Draining the Swamp, or Wading in Ever Deeper?

Even as border crossings have plummeted and interior arrests have soared since inauguration of the president — due, no doubt, both to his tough campaign talk and his unshackling of federal immigration agents through executive orders — there are warning signs that we may be sliding back toward the Washington business-as-usual mentality of unacknowledged virtually open borders where legal immigration is concerned.
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Return of the ENLIST Act: A Trojan Horse for Amnesty

On January 3, 2017, various members of the House of Representatives cosponsored HR 60, the "Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training (ENLIST) Act". The reference to "new legalized immigrants" in the title is a red herring. In fact, the bill would allow illegal aliens to enlist in the military, at which point they would be entitled to amnesty through legalization of status, as is evident by the plain language in Section 2 of the bill.

Reflecting on Alien Prisoner Drug Offender Sentence Reductions

Several times previously I've spoken about "criminal justice reform" as it relates to alien felons and drug offenders, and in less-than-glowing terms (see here, here, and here) because it seemed then, and seems to me now, that where alien criminals are concerned, the "reforms" are just one more way our government proves it isn't serious about border control — because many of the aliens benefiting from such reforms, whether via legislation or amendment of sentencing guidelines to provide for retroactive downward departures, are cross-border violators and drug traffickers who got caught moving their packages of death into our country.
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