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Truth on H-1B Program Starts to Appear in the Mainstream Media

By David North, June 4, 2015

The grim truth about the H-1B program is starting to ooze out into the mainstream media.

A story on the front page of today's New York Times carried this all-too-accurate headline on its web version:

"Last Task After Layoff: Train Foreign Replacements"

In it, Julia Preston, a normally pro-migration reporter, writes: Read more...

Skewed Priorities in Homeland Security

By Dan Cadman, June 3, 2015

Toward the end of November last year, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson issued a series of memos to initiate the president's "executive actions" on immigration — some of which are on hold due to federal court injunction, and all of which were destructive to a meaningful regimen of immigration controls and enforcement.

One of those memos ended the program known as Secure Communities, designed to provide to immigration agents, in near real-time, notice that aliens had been arrested by police for criminal offenses. Johnson directed that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents initiate instead his "new and improved" program with the trivial and childish acronym PEP (Priority Enforcement Program), whose details were and are shrouded in mystery, and which have decidedly not filled ICE agents with much enthusiasm or pep. Read more...

Obama Amnesty Supporters Don't Let Facts Get in the Way of a Good Story

By John Miano, June 2, 2015

I have refrained from writing about DACA and DAPA because most of the legal analysis in the media (including that of noted constitutional law scholars) is total garbage and I did not want to get into a fight with fools.

However, this post from the tin-foil hat crowd illustrates the growing connection between my own lawsuits and these two programs — but in a different way than portrayed here. Read more...

Immigration Lawyers Website Disses the EB-5 Program

By David North, June 1, 2015

If a New York Times editorial called for outlawing all abortions all the time, there would be an earthquake felt all over the United States.

Well, the Times has not done that, but the little shudder you felt recently was because the routinely pro-immigration website Immigration Daily had an unsigned editorial recently that said some pretty derogatory things about the EB-5 (immigrant investor program). The website is published for immigration lawyers and routinely carries bitter criticisms of attempts to enforce the immigration law. Read more...

Bringing Terrorists to the U.S. for Training

By Dan Cadman, June 1, 2015

Gulmurod Khalimov, a special police forces commander from Tajikistan who disappeared from his country in April, resurfaced recently in an Islamic State propaganda video. It's unclear what triggered the defection of a man formerly charged with protecting the political leaders and government elites of tightly ruled, autocratic Tajikistan.

News accounts tell us that he was well-trained, courtesy of both the American and Russian militaries. He was in the United States several times for such training; likewise with Russia. Read more...

Obama's 'Rock-Solid' Legal Argument for Granting Work Permits

By John Miano, June 1, 2015

I have yet to see any description of Obama's "rock solid legal argument", as the learned folks at the New York Times editorial page describe DAPA, so I thought I would create one now that I am running into it in other cases.

You may have noticed that the Constitution confers all powers over immigration to the Congress. You might then expect that the way the immigration system is supposed to work is that Congress defines the classes of aliens eligible work in the United States and that DHS has the broad authority to determine the individual aliens within those classes who are authorized to work.

That is not how Obama's DHS sees things.

The Border Patrol Loses One of Its Balloons

By David North, June 1, 2015

It's always sad to see a child cry when he lets go of his helium-filled balloon and it rises to the sky.

Well, the Border Patrol recently had the opposite problem. One of its helium-filled balloons, used as an unmanned observation post in the lower Rio Grande Valley, started leaking gas, and the aerostat (as they are called) fell gently into someone's field. Fortunately this happened on our side of the river, no one was hurt, and there was not much, if any, property damage. The leak was fixed and the balloon is again working as a silent sentinel. Read more...

So Illegal Immigration Isn’t Inevitable After All? Who Knew?

By Mark Krikorian, May 29, 2015

[This is the start of a piece by me posted today at National Review.]

Thursday's Washington Post front page featured a story on the decline in illegal immigration. The story itself isn't news (my colleagues did their first report on this phenomenon seven years ago), but the story's dead-tree subhead explains the timing: "Trend alters dynamics of immigration reform, a likely topic for 2016." Read more...

Australia Moves Toward Stripping Citizenship from Terrorists

By Dan Cadman, May 29, 2015

News reports tell us that the Land Down Under is preparing to amend its laws to enable the government to strip Australian citizenship from "dual nationals" who engage in terrorist acts, or who join terrorist groups such as the Islamic State (ISIS).

This is a step in the right direction, but perhaps two steps short of what needs to be done. The government apparently backed off its initial plan to remove citizenship from others as well, including children born in Australia of immigrant parents, when those children engage in terror or terrorist support. Aussie Prime Minister Abbott, channeling his inner progressive in walking back the original outlines, said "The changes will be consistent with our international legal obligation not to leave a person stateless." Read more...

National Park Service Signs on to Obama's Pro-Illegal Immigrant Agenda

By Marguerite Telford, May 28, 2015

The politicizing of our national monuments is well underway, with the National Park Service (NPS) pushing the president's pro-illegal immigrant agenda in a new exhibit at the Ellis Island Museum. The Obama administration and Democrats (helped by more than a few Republicans) have been attempting to normalize illegal immigration for some time, so it is not surprising that they would enlist the NPS, a federal bureau in the Department of the Interior, to rewrite history to turn U.S. law enforcement into the bad guys. Read more...