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Univision Reports Pressure on Obama to Take Direct Action on Immigration

By Jerry Kammer, August 20, 2013

"Under immigration pressure" read the graphic that showed a photograph of President Obama on Univision's evening news Monday. It was the theme of a story that Univision anchor Jorge Ramos introduced by noting that "some activists want the president to do much more for the undocumented." Read more...

A Trifecta of Non-Immigrant Worker Programs

By David North, August 20, 2013

There have been three little-noticed (in the United States) actions recently about the non-immigrant worker programs that have denied so many jobs to American workers.

A U.S. shipbuilding firm in the South has been charged in our courts with "enslaving Indian workers"; a brave American lawyer in the North is trying to use the class action approach to attack the H-1B program; and a major U.S. user of the H-1B program is laying off U.S. workers while seeking to expand the flows of H-1Bs. Read more...

The President's Immigration Villains: Part 1

By Stanley Renshon, August 20, 2013

Like many smart, verbally skilled political leaders, President Obama has a way with words. He is more measured than loquacious, and he is a master of conveying calm, thoughtful deliberation. That leads many people to misidentify him as a moderate or a pragmatist. After all, his calm delivery and measured cadence are the antithesis of how we expect radicals or revolutionaries to speak. Read more...

A Mexican Actor's View of Hollywood's Projection of Illegal Immigration to 2154

By Jerry Kammer, August 19, 2013

The current issue of Tiempo Latino, the Spanish-language weekly paper that the Washington Post distributes for free, has an article in which Mexican actor Diego Luna talks about the warning issued by "Elysium", the new movie about illegal immigration on a cosmic scale. Read more...

That Handsome Illegal Wanting to Be a Marine - Tell It to the President!

By David North, August 19, 2013

Remember that handsome, and frankly admirable, young illegal who wants to be a Marine? The one in the Mark Zuckerberg TV ad reported on by my colleague Jerry Kammer?

The impression from the ad is that the nation needs to pass the omnibus immigration "reform" bill so that he can enlist.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

RNC Head: U.S. Sovereignty "Horrific", Doesn't Have "Anything to Do with Our Party"

By Jon Feere, August 19, 2013

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus came out against encouraging illegal aliens to return home, signaling an apparent opposition to U.S. sovereignty and the rule of law. Speaking at a RNC meeting in Boston this week, Priebus explained his support for maintaining open-border policies to a reporter, saying:

Using the word "self-deportation", I mean, that's uh, it's a horrific comment to make. I don't think it has anything to do with our party. When a candidate makes those comments, obviously, it hurts us. And so, I think that's a big deal.

Media Misleads on True Nature of H-1Bs

By John Miano, August 19, 2013

If you follow an issue closely in the news, you get a clear picture of how useless the American media is. A few weeks ago I contacted the writer and editor of a wire story on H-1B visas that had a dozen clear factual errors. They responded that they were trying to tell a story. In other words, these writers were not going to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Here is a example from ABC News.

Would U.S. Gain Financially if Illegals Joined the Tax System?

By David North, August 15, 2013

Part of the pitch for "comprehensive immigration reform" is that it would bring many illegal aliens into the tax system.

The newly legalized would be forced to pay their back taxes, according to S.744 supporters. Read more...

Mark Zuckerberg's Clever Response to Steve King

By Jerry Kammer, August 14, 2013

Sure, Mark Zuckerberg is advancing his own economic interests with an ad campaign that expresses concern only for fairness and the national interest. Sure, he would rather hire young foreign computer experts than similarly skilled Americans over 30. But give him some credit. The organization he founded to advocate for Gang of Eight-style immigration reform,, is a lot more effective at messaging than Republican Iowa Rep. Steve King. Read more...

President Obama's Immigration Sophistry: Part 2

By Stanley Renshon, August 14, 2013

Sophistry (soph·ist·ry)
1: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.

President Obama is an artful communicator, but like some other smart, modern presidents (Bill Clinton comes to mind), not a particularly direct or truthful one. Read more...