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Morton Kondracke and the Immigration-Industrial Complex

By Jerry Kammer, January 14, 2011

Ever since his days as a regular on the McLaughlin Group, Morton Kondracke struck me as a decent fellow. He was a little conservative for my tastes, but he came across as a fundamentally decent man.

Well, "Mor-tahn," as host John McLaughlin famously called him, did some damage to that impression yesterday. In his column for Roll Call, the Capitol Hill newspaper where he is the executive editor, Kondracke declared that Arizona had been reduced to "a state of Minuteman vigilantism, death threats against politicians and judges, talk-radio demagoguery, and bullying of Latinos and rival politicians by 'America's toughest sheriff.'" Read more...

Plan B for the Pro-Migration Advocates

By David North, January 14, 2011

Now that "comprehensive immigration reform" is either dead or in slumber for the next two years, the pro-migration people have come up with a somewhat different approach, and it was discussed at a meeting in Washington Thursday.

It is useful to note that the pro-migration advocates, though allied with each other, come in three different groupings. There are the employers, who want lower wages; there are the ethnic organizations who say, in effect, "Let My People In"; and then there are the intellectuals, represented Thursday at a session of the foundation-supported Migration Policy Institute. Read more...

Not Your Father's Latino Officials

By James R. Edwards Jr., January 13, 2011

Longtime political observer Hastings Wyman at the Southern Political Report recently noted Republican Latino candidates winning more offices from the South in the fall elections. His column is titled "Latino Republicans Gain in Dixie." Read more...

Would Advanced Immigrant Visas for 55,000 Haitians Help Haiti?

By David North, January 12, 2011

A Washington Post editorial of a few days ago urged the Obama Administration to let 55,000 Haitian immigrants come to the U.S. despite the fact that they would be jumping the visa-backlog queues and numerical ceilings established by Congress.

There are three sets of considerations here: 1) would this be good for the individuals involved? 2) what consequences would be imposed on the U.S.? and 3) would it be good for Haiti? Read more...

Phoenix ICE Agents Raid Business!

By Jessica Vaughan, January 11, 2011

Today's batch of press releases from ICE included several noteworthy announcements: an impressive successful MS-13 gang prosecution in San Francisco, the continued steady implementation of Secure Communities, and the usual report of a child porn case. But one in the group caught my eye: "ICE Seizes Counterfeit NFL Jerseys in Phoenix." Read more...

Decision Makers: Gallegly in House of Representatives, Sperling in White House

By David North, January 11, 2011

There have been two recent Washington personnel decisions that may impact the making of immigration policy, one in the legislative branch, the other in the executive.

Lamar Smith (R-TX), incoming chair of the House Judiciary Committee, contrary to many expectations, has named longtime Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) as chair of the immigration subcommittee; Steve King (R- IA) an equally conservative member and until recently the ranking Republican on that subcommittee, had been thought to be in line for the position. Read more...

Arlington-Based Outfit Urges India to Fight Against U.S. Interests in WTO

By David North, January 10, 2011

Is it fair play for an American organization to encourage a foreign government to take action against our government in a dispute before an international organization?

Clearly it is OK for an American organization to seek to change the policies of the American government directly, or in alliance with other American organizations. And it would be acceptable for an American organization – say the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce – to seek to change the policies of an international organization, say the UN. Read more...

Anti-Civil Discourse

By James R. Edwards Jr., January 10, 2011

A group of state legislators and the incoming Kansas secretary of state held a press conference in Washington the day the 112th Congress was sworn in last week. These distinguished officials unveiled a novel strategy to end birthright citizenship – the de facto awarding of U.S. citizenship to the American-born children of illegal aliens and "citizenship tourists." Read more...

New Foreign PhDs Much Less in Debt than New U.S. Citizen PhDs

By David North, January 9, 2011

Many systems in America tilt in favor of its citizens, such as voting or obtaining government jobs, but at least one does not.

That's the system that funds PhD-level educations.

New foreign PhDs, or more precisely, those with temporary visas, have considerably less educational debt on graduation than new PhDs who are U.S. citizens or green card holders. Read more...

The Yin and Yang of Immigration Debate Extremes

By Stanley Renshon, January 7, 2011

Two recent pieces of commentary on the extremes of the immigration debate deserve recognition for casting light on immigration rhetoric that has no legitimate place in our discussions. Read more...