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Not Your Grandfather's Immigration Rules

By James R. Edwards Jr., November 20, 2012

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to get on Uncle Sam's dole."

Okay, that's not exactly how Emma Lazarus penned it, but it's effectively where our immigration system is today. Read more...

"Comprehensive Immigration Reform": an Oxymoron in the Making

By W.D. Reasoner, November 20, 2012

Well, the election's over and the drumbeat has begun: "Comprehensive immigration reform now!" "¡Sí, se puede!" Most assuredly by now, virtually everyone understands that "CIR", to use the acronym, is code for amnesty for most of the millions of aliens illegally in the United States. Read more...

USCIS, a Judge, and the NY Times Put the Right Spin on a Ping Pong Case

By David North, November 18, 2012

All too often we hear about the heart-rending story of the individual alien, often illegal, who loses a battle with the immigration-management system. The tale is about the high school valedictorian who wants to become a priest or a physician (for instance) who is about to be deported. But we never hear about how many others would have to be granted legal status if this one case were to become a precedent.

In other words there is a journalistic focus on the attractive individual alien, with no thought of the larger picture. Read more...

Socio-Demographic Variables for U.S.-born Hispanics that May Matter Politically

By Steven A. Camarota, November 16, 2012

There has been a good deal of debate in the media about what Republicans can do to gain a larger share of Hispanic voters, who accounted for 9-10 percent of the electorate in the last presidential election. About three-fourths of Hispanic voters are U.S.-born. If Republicans are going to increase their share of the Hispanic vote, this is the population that they will have to reach. Read more...

Are the DREAMers a Special Case?

By Mark Krikorian, November 16, 2012

Now that the GOP leadership has signaled its eagerness to again support the Democrat drive for amnesty and open borders, a fight has broken out on the other side. This is a revival of the public spitting match between the “comprehensive” amnesty crowd in D.C., who want amnesty for all illegal aliens or nothing, and the DREAMers, illegal aliens who came here as children, who are willing to cut a separate deal for themselves. Read more...

Thou Shalt Not Be Comprehensive

By Mark Krikorian, November 16, 2012

While sailing the Caribbean with the NR cruisers drowning their sorrows in liquor, I was delighted to see that two of the Senate’s most stalwart defenders of conservative principle, Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham, are back to work on amnesty “comprehensive immigration reform.” What could go wrong? Read more...

Putting a Hold on the Effort to Derail Federal Immigration Detainers: A Positive Decision by a U.S. District Court Judge

By W.D. Reasoner, November 15, 2012

The Morning Call, an eastern Pennsylvania newspaper covering the Allentown / Lehigh County vicinity, reported on November 12, 2012, that a federal district court judge had dismissed a tort suit filed by a U.S. Read more...

DHS Gives Some Criminals Permanent Protected Status

By Jessica Vaughan, November 14, 2012

In one of the most absurd examples of immigration enforcement malpractice yet, this week ICE is planning to take a pass on removing a criminal alien convicted of vehicular manslaughter. On Friday, November 16, exactly two years after Roberto Galo struck and killed motorcyclist Drew Rosenberg while making an illegal left turn in a car he was unlicensed and uninsured to drive, Galo is scheduled to be released from a California jail. Read more...

Here's a Switch — Preventing Immigration Fraud Before it Happens

By David North, November 14, 2012

All too often we read that immigration fraud has been detected years, even decades, after the event.

But our British colleagues have just reported the prevention of a case of immigration-related marriage fraud before it occurred.

Part of the story apparently relates to a heads-up marriage license clerk, and part to an underlying British immigration policy situation that is different from ours and which I will get to later. Read more...

Immigration Anomalies: Legals Who Would Rather Be Illegals

By David North, November 13, 2012

While my colleagues are (appropriately) doing the heavy lifting regarding the immigration policy implications of the recent elections, we might focus on some of the immigration policy anomalies that result from the hugely complicated rules and regulations on the subject. Some of those rules are in the federal sphere, some the states' sphere, and some in both. Read more...

Carlos Gutierrez, Bush-Era Commerce Secretary, Rips the Republican Party

By Jerry Kammer, November 13, 2012

Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce during President George W. Bush's administration, made no attempt to hide his frustration with the Republican Party during his appearance on the Univision program "Al Punto". Gutierrez claimed that the party's extremism was the reason for Mitt Romney's resounding defeat last week. Read more...

Amnesty and Electoral Outcomes

By Mark Krikorian, November 9, 2012

A friend sent these excerpts illuminating the link between amnesty and electoral outcomes, from Victor Valle and Rodolfo Torres, "Class and Culture Wars in the New Latino Politics", in Latino/a Thought: Culture, Politics, and Society, pp. 247-48 (emphasis mine): Read more...

Malpractice by Dr. K

By Mark Krikorian, November 9, 2012

I have a lot of respect for Charles Krauthammer — he’s intelligent, measured, and not a party hack. But his column today has an amazingly reductionist and wrong-headed discussion of immigration. Read more...

Amnesty Is the Best Revenge, or the Empire Strikes Back

By Mark Krikorian, November 9, 2012

The Chicken Little amnesty panic is underway among the Republican establishment. Boehner, Hannity, the Wall Street Journal, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Norquist, Krauthammer, et al. are announcing that in the wake of Romney's loss the GOP can't survive unless it revisits the failed Bush/Kennedy amnesty. Read more...

Shape the Electorate

By Mark Krikorian, November 9, 2012

Former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy’s posting in the National Review posed a choice for the Republican Party's future in electoral politics: Read more...

ICE and DoL Correct Huge H-1B Errors Made by USCIS and DoL

By David North, November 9, 2012

Though the ICE press release does not acknowledge it, federal investigators from that agency and the Department of Labor (DoL) have uncovered and corrected a huge H-1 problem that had been missed by both USCIS and DoL — for a decade. Read more...

New Polls on Immigration

By Mark Krikorian, November 8, 2012

An exit poll conducted by Kellyanne Conway’s firm for FAIR found more support for enforcement than the immigration expansionists would have you believe. The options were described neutrally, with enforcement getting majority support: Read more...

Adding Sex to Immigration/Marriage Fraud Does Not Negate the Crime

By David North, November 8, 2012

This is one of those cases where one has to give the immigration lawyer involved credit for creativity … even though his client lost in the end.

Here is the situation from the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of Alabama: Andreas Andreason, Jr., a U.S. citizen, was on trial for immigration-related fraud in connection with his marriage to Katerina Petrasova, a Czech national, who was using the marriage to get a green card. (She was indicted, too.) Read more...

Hispanics Were Democrats Long Before Illegal Immigration Became an Issue

By Ronald W. Mortensen, November 8, 2012

According to the Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney's hard line on illegal immigration was a major contributing factor to his failure to win the presidency. It goes on to say that "The GOP needs to leave its anti-immigration absolutists behind." Read more...

How the Elections Will Affect the Immigration Subcommittees

By David North, November 7, 2012

The elections — with one major exception — did little to change the composition of the immigration subcommittees in the House and Senate. Each subcommittee has, and probably will continue to have, 11 members. The leadership of each subcommittee will stay with the party that now holds it. Read more...

Fill In the Numbers Later

By Mark Krikorian, November 7, 2012

With Romney’s defeat, the open-borders Left and Right will obviously pounce in an effort to delegitimize any opposition to amnesty and unlimited immigration. But one of the DREAM Act lobbying groups has jumped the gun, just now issuing a press release without any of the numbers plugged in. Here’s the opening graf: Read more...

Vote for Gridlock?

By Mark Krikorian, November 6, 2012

Mickey Kaus has endorsed Obama, but in a characteristically counter-intuitive way, part of his rationale being that Obama would be less likely to succeed in getting an illegal-alien amnesty through Congress. His closing graf: Read more...

Today's First Election Result: Candidate Indirectly Linked to Abramoff Loses

By David North, November 6, 2012

A candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, indirectly linked to disgraced, mass-migration lobbyist Jack Abramoff apparently has lost; it is the first result of the day.

The returns (albeit partial) are available because the election took place on the other side of the International Date Line, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), just north of Guam in the western Pacific. Read more...

Agent Ivie Death Likely a Result of Confusion Surrounding Drug Smuggling; Another Agent Dead in Texas

By Janice Kephart, November 5, 2012

According to the Arizona Republic, a 39-page report on the October 2 death of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie has been released by Cochise County, Ariz., Acting Sheriff Rod Rothrock. The report includes interviews with both of the surviving agents involved as well as first responders to the scene. Read more...

Extreme Immigration Positions in the U.S. Island Territories

By David North, November 5, 2012

Count on the American island territories to do things to the extremes, including in immigration matters. Consider, for example:

  • The extreme proposed island constitution in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • The extreme proposed sentencing for an immigration crime in Guam; and
  • The extreme power of employers and the extreme governor in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), just north of Guam.

You Need a Professor to Write Something This Dumb

By Mark Krikorian, November 3, 2012

Most New Yorkers won't have noticed, concerned as they are with water and electricity, but on Friday the New York Times op-ed page published one of its sillier paeans to mass immigration. In "Innovative Immigrants", Harvard Business School professor Thomas McCraw argues that we should amnesty 12 million illegal aliens because Alexander Hamilton was born in St. Croix. Really. Read more...

The Imperfect Market in Services Facilitating Illegal Immigration

By David North, November 1, 2012

One of the reasons we do not have more illegal immigration than we have already is because it is expensive in terms of money, human time, and skills and sometimes, sadly, human lives. Read more...

Another Potential Government Eye on Our Borders, but Not the Type Americans Need

By Janice Kephart, November 1, 2012

Sequestration threatens to eliminate thousands of homeland security jobs on January 2, 2012, including about 8,700 border-related jobs. But President Obama is not working to break the congressional budgetary logjam, instead issuing an executive order on October 26 authorizing appropriations for a new "Homeland Security Partnership Council". Yes, indeed, the federal government will be coming to your community soon to identify issue areas and partnership nominees for this council. Read more...

Hopeless – Often Pointless – Cases Clog Immigration Courts

By David North, October 31, 2012

We often hear about the vast workloads and long delays in the various immigration court systems, but I have never heard a word about the large numbers of pointless, useless cases brought by the immigration bar that aggravate that problem.

Let me provide one stunning example — a Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) decision — published earlier this year. Read more...

Assimilation Too Scary for Some This Halloween

By David Seminara, October 31, 2012

I was listening to WBEZ, my local NPR affiliate on Monday morning and thought that perhaps my ears were deceiving me after hearing the tail end of a story about a local school district in Skokie, Ill., just a few miles from my home, which has cancelled Halloween celebrations this year. For years, we've become accustomed to hearing stories about Christmas-related controversies, but I had no idea that Halloween is also becoming a political football in some parts of the country. Read more...