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Morning News, 6/24/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 24, 2011

1. TX Gov. gets tepid response
2. MI legislature to vote on bills
3. Philly seeks to end Sec. Comm.
4. ACLU criticizes AZ co. lockup
5. Hackers target AZ Dept.


By Mark Krikorian, June 24, 2011

That's "Rotting In The Fields" — the F1 key on farm lobbyists' keyboards. I dealt with this fairy tale at some length here, and has an index of RITF articles. The latest dupe to fall for this trick is Adam Ozimek at Megan McArdle's blog, who links to an Atlanta Journal Constitution column bemoaning the state's wicked, wicked immigration law (which may or may not go into effect July 1): Read more...

Russians Set to Benefit from New Visa Agreement

By Janice Kephart, June 23, 2011

The other day I was contacted by a Russian-American journalist working for an independent satellite TV station based in both Georgia and the Russian Federation stating that they are they are competing against the state-run news outlets in Russia. Why me? The journalist was concerned about the illegal immigration and national security implications of the U.S. intention to sign an agreement in July with the Russian government permitting three-year, multiple-entry visas. Read more...

Morning News, 6/23/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 23, 2011

1. Feds won't deport immigrants
2. Senate Democrats plan revival
3. MD DREAM Act petition near goal
4. ACLU promises to bring suit
5. Lilly CEO questions policy

Truth in Advertising, Finally

By Mark Krikorian, June 22, 2011

Mickey Kaus points to a pro-amnesty editorial at Bloomberg that admits the obvious:

Opponents decry a pathway to citizenship — which would require the payment of fines and other measures in return for legal status — as "amnesty." We cede the point. With comprehensive reform, illegal immigrants would, in effect, be rewarded for having broken the law and outlasted the political opposition.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

June 22, 1972: In the Shadow of Watergate, Nixon Speaks of Immigration and Jobs

By Jerry Kammer, June 22, 2011

The scandal that would drive him from office was building slowly when President Richard Nixon had a press conference 39 years ago today. Speaking of the previous month's fateful break-in at the Democratic headquarters in the Watergate building, the president declared that "the White House has had no involvement whatever in this particular incident." Read more...

Biggest H-1B Employer Gets Medium-Bad Review from NY Times

By David North, June 22, 2011

The good news is that the biggest H-1B employer in America got the negative attention of the New York Times this morning, including a teaser on the front page.

The bad news is that Times reporter Julia Preston managed to cover what many would regard as an economic crime without mentioning the victims: U.S. workers squeezed out of high tech jobs by the big Indian-owned firm, Infosys Technologies. Read more...

Morning News, 6/22/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 22, 2011

1. Poll: Americans on legal immigration
2. SC leg. passes enforcement bill
3. GA puts probationers to work
4. Visa lottery "winners" sue
5. Border agent fatally shoots man

The Arizona Wildfires, McCain, National Council of La Raza, and Univision

By Jerry Kammer, June 21, 2011

The issue of who or what has caused devastating fires in Arizona's borderlands obviously should be pursued vigorously, with due care not to tie it unfairly to the issue of illegal immigration. Sen. John McCain didn't advance that effort on Saturday when he offered no substance to support his claim that some of the fires are caused by illegal immigrants. Read more...

Is Secretary Napolitano Running for Secretary of State?

By David North, June 21, 2011

Clarification (7/1/11): Below I speculated that Ms. Napolitano wanted to be U.S. Secretary of State; in describing her other options I said that the incumbent Senator in her state, Jon Kyl (R - AZ), whose term is up in 2012, was “not in trouble” electorally there. That’s correct but what I failed to say is that he is not running for re-election. I have no idea whether Ms. Napolitano will seek that seat, but it looks like an uphill struggle for any Democrat.

Is Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano running for Secretary of State? Read more...

Misadventures in Sarcasm

By Mark Krikorian, June 21, 2011

I was on Fox an hour ago talking about the Obama administration's latest stealth amnesty memo (which CIS's Jessica Vaughan discusses in this news story). In describing the tensions faced by the White House I said it was torn between its natural sympathy for the open-borders views of La Raza, the ACLU, and their ilk, on the one hand, and the need to pretend to be tough on enforcement to placate the "Neanderthals who watch Fox News". I'm afraid the sarcasm was lost on some people, if the slew of e-mails I've already received is any indication. So, just for the record, it's the Obama people who think Fox News viewers are Neanderthals, not me! Read more...

Utah Housewife Deals Devastating Blow to State's 'Guestworker' Law

By Ronald W. Mortensen, June 20, 2011

In a stinging rebuke to political, business, religious and media elites, Republican Party activists led by a Utah housewife have dealt what may well be a deathblow to Utah's misguided and fatally flawed guestworker/amnesty law (HB116). Read more...

Open Borders Types Want "I Am My Own Grandpa" and Other Provisions

By David North, June 20, 2011

The murky area of what the Obama administration might do administratively to open the gates to more migration is a little less murky now, thanks to immigration lawyer Angelo Paparelli.

He suggested in a June 10 article in Immigration Daily that five highly specific gaps be opened in the current system for admitting still more high-tech workers and their relatives. Read more...

Morning News, 6/20/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 20, 2011

1. Changes to Sec. Comm.
2. Sen. McCain critcized
3. Judge to hear GA law
4. GA law could affect enrollment
5. Corruption adds to problems

Baptists Call for Amnesty

By James R. Edwards Jr., June 20, 2011

The Southern Baptist Convention, which met last week in Phoenix, adopted a resolution endorsing the legalization of virtually all illegal aliens. This action followed the SBC's 2006 passage of a similar pro-amnesty resolution. Read more...

Russian Ad: 'Come Work in the Best Strip Clubs in the U.S., on a J-1 Visa'

By David North, June 17, 2011

To illustrate how loosely the State Department's J-1 foreign-worker program is being administered, the speaker at a Georgetown University Law School session this morning told of this internet advertisement, translated from the Russian:

Come work in the best strip clubs in the United States, on a J-1 visa.

Arizona Fires: Too Hot for Feds to Handle?

By Jerry Kammer, June 17, 2011

For at least two years now, Arizona journalist Leo W. Banks has been writing and speaking about the strange silence of the federal government on the connection between forest fires in southern Arizona and the smugglers of drugs and human beings.

Banks has contrasted the widespread public belief that the fires are caused by the smugglers – either accidentally or in an effort to distract the Border Patrol – with the refusal of federal officials to address the issue. Read more...

Birth Tourism Fraud from China: 'The return on investment is higher than robbing a bank'

By Jon Feere, June 16, 2011

A Chinese news article titled "China's 'Born in the USA' Frenzy" highlights the effort of one of its nationals engaging in birth tourism fraud in the United States. The practice is so troubling that even the Director of Immigration Policy at the Center for American Progress, Marshall Fitz, recently said the following on CNN in a debate with CIS's Executive Director Mark Krikorian: Read more...

DoJ Judge: It's OK to Fire a Good Man for Doing a Good Deed

By David North, June 15, 2011

This is a story of how a good man who blew the whistle on his own employer for immigration law violations was fired, and how a federal hearing officer said that was OK. Here are the facts and the law.

Fact #1. Daniel Cavazos, Jr. had worked for Wanxiang America Corp., a Chinese-owned auto parts manufacturer, apparently in the Middle West; he told the warehouse supervisor that he was planning to tell federal authorities that the firm was hiring illegal aliens. He was fired. Read more...

A Look Back to 1953

By Jerry Kammer, June 15, 2011

Last week this blog noted a comment by economist Pia Orrenius that U.S immigration policy is effectively "restricting high-skilled immigration, which tends to be legal, and is encouraging low-skilled immigration." Read more...

You Can Tell the Feds How to Change Our Immigration Policy

By David North, June 14, 2011

There is an often overlooked opportunity for individual citizens to give advice to the government about specific parts of the nation's immigration policy, and I want to encourage (and help) the reader to participate.

Frequently various agencies of the executive branch ask for public comments on proposed regulations, fee levels, form changes, and information collection systems; you can be sure that big business and other big pro-mass-immigration groups are well aware of these requests, and respond regularly. Read more...

Morning News, 6/13/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 13, 2011

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1. Feds warn of scammers
2. Democrats losing favor
3. AL law solid, say experts
4. VA Gov. pro-enforcement
5. 300 rounds fired in TX

Butterflies Are Free, But Immigrants Too?

By Jerry Kammer, June 13, 2011

Last Friday this blog reported the complaint of a member of Mexico's political establishment that "the ignorance and prejudice that there is in the United States about Mexico is staggering. It's mind-boggling."

That observation came from former Mexican Congressman Carlos Heredia, who now directs the international studies program at the Center for Economic Research and Instruction in Mexico City (CIDE). Read more...

A New Way for a State Government to Sabotage Immigration Enforcement

By David North, June 12, 2011

You have heard all about sanctuary cities, and some states' refusal to cooperate with the Secure Communities program, and state-sanctioned tuition breaks and driver's licenses for illegal aliens, but there is a new wrinkle in state-sabotage of immigration enforcement.

It comes to us from Washington State, one of three states that still issue driver's licenses to illegals.

I find it devious; others may find it creative. Read more...

It Takes a Heap of Immigration Law Violations to Keep a Slave at Home

By David North, June 10, 2011

You would not know it from reading a prominent news story in today's Washington Post, but you need to break the immigration law repeatedly if you are going to keep an alien worker as your household slave.

And it helps your slimy cause if the immigration authorities fail to notice violation after violation. Read more...

Morning News, 6/10/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 10, 2011

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1. ICE offers relief to Libyans
2. Sen. Paul raises concerns
3. Drug cartels up efforts
4. AL adopts enforcement
5. Mexican President to speak

Mexican Complaint of U.S. 'Ignorance and Prejudice'

By Jerry Kammer, June 10, 2011

A prominent member of Mexico's political establishment complained Thursday about "mind-boggling" U.S. disregard for his country.

"The ignorance and prejudice that there is in the United States about Mexico is staggering. It's mind-boggling – starting with Capitol Hill," said Carlos Heredia, a former Mexican congressman who now directs the international studies program at the prestigious Center for Economic Research and Instruction in Mexico City. Read more...

Skills Gap Grows, Even as Immigrants Are More Educated

By Steven A. Camarota, June 9, 2011

A new Brookings Institution study entitled "The Geography of Immigrant Skills: Educational Profiles of Metropolitan Areas" examines the education level of immigrants at the national and local levels. The education level of immigrants is a very important topic because there is no better single predictor of how an immigrant will do in the United States than his or her educational attainment. Read more...

USCIS Is to Be Commended for Taking Action Against Immigration Crooks

By David North, June 9, 2011

USCIS and related agencies are to be commended for their planned joint action against phony practitioners of immigration law and others who prey on migrants seeking help within the morass of the American immigration system. Read more...

Morning News, 6/9/11

By Bryan Griffith, June 9, 2011

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1. New effort to protect immigrants
2. Judge won't dismiss claims
3. Report: skill level shift
4. Latino grocers worry
5. Group files suit in GA