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Good Reason to Say "No" to Amnesty: It Helps South-of-Border Tyrants

By David North, August 14, 2013

Leonel J. Castillo, Jimmy Carter's INS commissioner, and I tangled on a number of issues, but he was absolutely right on one thing — the outflow of illegals from Mexico assured the continuation in power of Mexico's despots.

His notion was that if the poverty-stricken in that country did not have the option of immigration to the United States, legally or illegally, they would form a critical mass that would force change — perhaps violently — on the Mexican government.

Mexico, after all, has an even more lop-sided distribution of income than we do. As long as the migrants were in the United States they would not disturb the Mexican establishment, but they would send back remittances to family members, providing a social safety net to their relatives that the state did not offer. The whole thing was a win-win situation for Mexico's rulers. Read more...

Asylum Antics

By Mark Krikorian, August 13, 2013

While media grannies are getting their knickers in a twist over the antics of a Missouri rodeo clown, a cascading, Mariel Boatlift-style immigration emergency may be brewing on the Mexican border. Fox reports:

A sudden influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico requesting asylum is overwhelming immigration agents in San Diego, forcing agencies to rent hotel rooms for some undocumented families and release others to cities around the U.S.

President Obama's Immigration "Bipartisan" Sophistry: Part 1

By Stanley Renshon, August 13, 2013

Sophistry (soph·ist·ry)
1: subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.

Supporters of the Senate's immigration bill, including the president, have a simple response to the idea that immigration reform would benefit from a more careful and thoughtful consideration than it was given in the Senate: Been there, done that.

The president says that he doesn't want the Senate's bill to get "bogged down in endless debate" and demands action because "We've been debating this a very long time." Read more...

A New Immigration Policy Maker — John Sandweg, Acting Head of ICE

By David North, August 13, 2013

John Sandweg, 38, an Arizona lawyer and Napolitano insider, was recently named acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, following the resignation of John Morton whose extensive use of prosecutorial discretion led to heavy criticism.

Sandweg's record would suggest that he will not seek to turn around the Morton legacy at the unit that handles interior enforcement of the immigration law and the department's detention operations. Read more...

Republican Establishment Swallows the Democrat Line on Immigration Reform - Hook, Line, and Sinker

By Ronald W. Mortensen, August 13, 2013

Isn't it interesting that both Democratic and Republican establishment types express great concern about the future of the Republican Party and that they both arrive at the same conclusion — the future of the Republican Party depends on granting 11 million illegal aliens legal status and a pathway to citizenship.

In the case of Democrats and others on the left, the feigned concern is clearly self-serving and disingenuous. Read more...

A SAFE Ending

By W.D. Reasoner, August 12, 2013

This is my seventh and last blog on the SAFE ("Strengthen and Fortify Enforcement") Act, a bill pending in the House of Representatives as H.R. 2278. In prior blogs, I discussed in some detail the benefits of the SAFE Act and explained why it is vastly superior to the bill passed by the Senate several weeks ago. Read more...

The GOP's Immigration Leverage: The Power of Options

By Stanley Renshon, August 12, 2013

House Republicans are providing an important public service for Americans by breaking apart the Senate's massive immigration bill in order to better consider the basic elements of the nation's immigration policy puzzle. They are giving the public, and themselves, information and options.

Some ask: Why is this necessary? Haven't we been debating immigration for years? Read more...

Everything Ezra Klein Knows About Immigration Is Wrong

By Mark Krikorian, August 12, 2013

Ezra Klein’s recent column on immigration (Here at Bloomberg, then reprinted in the Washington Post) starts this way: “Everything you know about immigration, particularly unauthorized immigration, is wrong.” He then goes on to retail the pet theory of immigration-expansionist sociology professor Douglas Massey to the effect that border Read more...

Four Levels of Immorality Within the Illegal Immigration Business

By David North, August 12, 2013

The grim story of some illegal aliens being forced out of a ship onto a booby-trapped desert island reminded me that there are different levels of immoral conduct in the illegal alien business — I will get back to the island later.

Everyone involved in illegal immigration is, of course, playing a harmful role to the host society, but some of the players are even more unattractive than others. And some classes of players are much more numerous than others.

In general terms I see a four-category system, with the very most unattractive at the bottom of the ranking. The list starts here: Read more...

The Speechifying of Charlie Rose and Concerns of an Immigrant's Grandson

By Jerry Kammer, August 12, 2013

Two comments in different media venues last week grabbed my attention. The first came from PBS interviewer Charlie Rose. The second on C-SPAN's "Washington Journal", came from the grandson of an immigrant from Mexico.

Rose's comment came in an interview with Max Levchin, the Internet entrepreneur and co-founder of PayPal whose family immigrated to the United States from the Ukraine when he was a young boy. Read more...

Soros-Backed Sojourners Pontificates for Amnesty

By James R. Edwards Jr., August 12, 2013

Jim Wallis, the head of the politically leftist "evangelical" organization Sojourners, has penned an op-ed that the L.A. Times ran. Wallis's op-ed claims biblical "compassion" requires Christian lawmakers to enact amnesty. He liberally employs the term, playing on emotions and sob stories from illegal aliens. He cites a recent Washington fly-in of 300 "evangelical Christians" who met with 110 legislative offices, mostly Republicans. Read more...

Alleged Murderer Is an Illegal Alien, but Washington Post Won't Say So

By David North, August 9, 2013

As so often is the case, the murder suspect on the front page of today's Washington Post is an illegal alien, but the paper does not report it.

It was a particularly brutal, senseless murder of a good samaritan by an illegal from Guatemala, a now 27-year-old man. Julio Miguel Blanco Garcia was in a suburban Virginia shopping center with his one-year-old daughter; he asked a woman, apparently a stranger to him, to drive him to the hospital. She agreed; she made a wrong turn and this caused Garcia, apparently crazed by drugs, to think she was about to turn him in to the police. He then repeatedly stabbed her with a knife, as he told police investigators. Read more...

The GOP's Immigration Leverage; No, Really!

By Stanley Renshon, August 9, 2013

The basic stance of many prominent members of the GOP establishment after the 2012 presidential election can be described as panic. The president's sufficiently successful effort to reenergize his base, including Hispanic voters, coupled with Mitt Romney's lackluster showing among that same group, plus instant but erroneous extrapolations of ethnic and racial population trends, led to almost hysterical worry that Republicans were in a demographic "death spiral" from which they could not recover. Read more...

Assorted Examples of Overseas Immigration Practices

By David North, August 8, 2013

American policymakers rarely look at the practices of other nations in the field of immigration. That is a shame because much can be learned there.

Today we have two examples, one from Britain and one from Canada, both mixes of useful and non-useful precedents for the United States. Read more...

GOP Congressman Calls Illegal Aliens "Undocumented Citizens", Trusts Obama Administration

By Jon Feere, August 8, 2013

While holding a town hall meeting, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) was caught on video supporting amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, people he calls "undocumented citizens". In response to a question from a woman with illegal alien family members who have been in the country for over 13 years, he illustrated a lack of understanding of immigration policy and unjustifiable faith in the Obama administration to secure the border. Seven problems with his response are analyzed below. Here's his quote: Read more...

Why President Obama Will Sign Any Reasonable Immigration Bill that Reaches His Desk

By Stanley Renshon, August 7, 2013

It is very clear that President Obama sees himself as a transforming leader, one who bends circumstances to his convictions and preferred goals. However his ability to validate his self-image by real legislative and policy accomplishments has been stymied by the domestic, political, and foreign policy choices he has made. Read more...

Investor Visa Program Gets Another Black Eye, This Time from the FBI

By David North, August 7, 2013

The immigrant investor (EB-5) program got another black eye, this time from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to the Associated Press.

A USCIS-licensed regional center in South Texas, used as a conduit for funds in the EB-5 program, was raided by the FBI, which hauled away a Mercedes SUV and a "Texas-sized pick-up truck" belonging to the conspirators, according to a local reporter. Both apparently had been purchased with siphoned-off EB-5 funds, invested by wealthy Mexican nationals wanting to flee that country.

The McAllen Monitor called it a "Ponzi Scheme" because new EB-5 investments were used to pay off other, earlier investors. Read more...

Aiming for Greatness: President Obama's Accomplishment Gap

By Stanley Renshon, August 7, 2013

President Obama is fast approaching the point at which the record of his aspirations in relation to his actual accomplishments will come into shaper focus, and the extravagant expectations that greeted his candidacy will face the harsh light of reality.

This would be difficult enough for any ambitious person; however, it is very likely intolerable for someone whose presidency and its legacy is meant to be an affirmation of his status as a "great president".

The last two words in quotes are President Obama's, not mine. Read more...

Prosecutor: Seattle Law Would Shield Illegal Alien Burglars, Arsonists, Bombers

By Jon Feere, August 6, 2013

Lawmakers in King County, Wash., are considering a sanctuary policy that the county's own prosecutor says would shield dangerous criminal aliens from federal immigration enforcement. Read more...

President Obama's Immigration Dilemma: Saving a Flailing Presidency

By Stanley Renshon, August 6, 2013

Every president has to confront how history will view him and his time in office. Reelection provides some solace and an advantageous starting position for historical assessment, but it is no guarantee. Just ask Richard Nixon.

Presidents need not be great historical figures in order to be considered successful. There are successful presidents that bend circumstances to achieve their goals and those who successfully adapt and navigate the political currents they face while putting their own stamp on the results.

Whichever of these two paths are most psychologically congenial, presidents have essentially three specific ways that they can be "successful" and establish a solid historical legacy. Read more...

Mayorkas Hearing Testimony Subject of Detailed Analysis by Grassley

By David North, August 6, 2013

How much attention did USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas pay to EB-5 applications filed on behalf of Terry McAuliffe's electric car company, GreenTech?

The question — involving two Democrats seeking promotion (McAuliffe is the candidate for governor of Virginia in the fall election) — may be crucial to their careers, Mayorkas' probably more than McAuliffe's. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) weighed in last week with what one observer called a "devastating" 97-page analysis of Mayorkas' role in the EB-5 (immigrant investor) case. Read more...

Removing Criminal Aliens and Protecting Public SAFEty

By W.D. Reasoner, August 5, 2013

There are major differences between the immigration bill passed a few weeks ago in the Senate and the SAFE Act, the immigration bill pending in the House of Representatives, especially in the approach taken toward aliens who, in addition to being in the United States illegally, commit criminal offenses. Read more...

Future Headlines if Comprehensive Immigration Reform Is Enacted

By Ronald W. Mortensen, August 5, 2013

Republican strategists see immigration reform as the salvation of their party. Leading Republican senators along with a few Republican House leaders are at the forefront of the amnesty push. So assuming they get their way, how will headlines and news reports read in the future?

November 2013. House Republican Leadership Caves; Path to Citizenship Now the Law Read more...

Warning: Backing Amnesty Is Bad for Your Political Health

By James R. Edwards Jr., August 5, 2013

A headline from Bloomberg really stretches the story into the spin-and-fiction zone. The "news" item claims "Yes Votes on Immigration Revamp Haven't Hurt Republicans". Believe that and you're a gullible dolt. Believe that as a politician and you may find yourself an ex-politician. Read more...

Obama's Great Immigration Bluff

By Stanley Renshon, August 2, 2013

bluff (bluf)
v. bluffed, bluff·ing, bluffs
1. To mislead or deceive.
2. To impress, deter, or intimidate by a false display of confidence.
3. Games To try to mislead (opponents) in a card game by heavy betting on a poor hand or by little or no betting on a good one.

Does President Obama really want to sign an immigration bill? Or does he really not mind if the effort fails so that he will have what some believe will be a potent issue to use against Republicans in the 2014 midterm congressional elections? As Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) phrased it, "The question is, how much energy does the White House put in to actually getting a remedy? Or do they want to keep the issue for 2014?"

There's evidence for both positions, but ultimately there are very good psychological and political reasons to believe that only one is right. Read more...

Burying the Lede: The L.A. Times Shows How It's Done

By Jerry Kammer, August 2, 2013

This week's winner of the Bury-the-Lede Award goes to Seema Mehta of the Los Angeles Times for her story about the discussion of immigration policy at a town hall meeting held by Democratic Rep. Karen Bass.

Mehta spent the first 480 words of her 620-word story summarizing Rep. Bass's concerns about the future of the Senate bill, giving special attention to her denunciation of Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) for his notoriously wrong-headed remarks about illegal immigrants. Read more...

Front Group Pushing Amnesty Hired Illegal Organizer

By James R. Edwards Jr., August 2, 2013

One of the groups advocating for mass amnesty, including the grotesque Senate-passed S.744, is a labor union front group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center. ROC is pursuing loopholes in Obamacare to give taxpayer-funded health care to illegal aliens.

ROC, it turns out, deserves special opprobrium for not only advocating on behalf of illegal aliens, but for employing a prominent one, apparently knowingly. Making ROC even more detestable, ROC collects federal funds, which essentially frees up its own bucks for its offices in Washington and elsewhere. More on the federal dole later. Read more...

Ms. Tian, the Valedictorian, and Immigration Policy

By David North, August 1, 2013

Jiamei Tian, the disturbed woman who sprayed green paint on the Lincoln Memorial and other treasured sites in Washington, is an illegal alien. (She is a Chinese national and a visa-abuser; though the media uses softer terms, such as the fact that she has an expired visa.)

The storied high school valedictorian that we hear so much about, the Mexican teenager who wants to attend medical school so that he can help the poor, is also an illegal alien.

Both narratives are gripping and both are totally beside the point. Read more...

Rep. Labrador Meets the Press: Round 2

By Stanley Renshon, August 1, 2013

"Meet the Press", hosted by David Gregory, is, as noted, a rather conventional news program. Yet, every once in a while, it results in a very clarifying set of exchanges.

One case in point was the following exchange between New York Times columnist David Brooks and Rep. Raul Labrador on the July 7 show: Read more...

Judge: Obama’s DREAM Act Amnesty Is Illegal, but ICE Agents Can’t Sue

By Mark Krikorian, August 1, 2013

Just back from braving the wilds of western New York, and I see that a federal judge in Dallas has dismissed a civil suit by ICE agents challenging the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty (Obama's administrative version of the DREAM Act). The agents claimed that Obama's illegal amnesty forced them to violate federal law, contrary to their oath to bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution. Read more...