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Morning News, 8/1/08

By Bryan Griffith, August 1, 2008

1.CIS finds illegal population down
2.Fed authorities seek self deportation
3.Congress may allow E-verify to stall
4.NE court rules on compensation
5.CO state police complete first year
6.ACLU probing Fed. immigration raid
7.Charges unlikely in slaying case

Throw Everything at the Wall, and See What Sticks

By Mark Krikorian, July 31, 2008

The open-borders crowd is in a tizzy because of the Center's report yesterday showing that attrition works and that the number of illegal aliens can be reduced through comprehensive enforcement. Read more...

Morning News, 7/31/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 31, 2008

1. CIS finds illegal population down
2. NE state senator reviews policies
3. NE city leaders shelve policy
4. Minutemen protest in CA

Top Ten Reasons Why a Heist of 3,000 Blank UK Passports Matters

By Janice Kephart, July 30, 2008

The UK Guardian report today of an old-fashioned criminal heist of a van carrying 3,000 just-printed blank UK passports and "vignettes" (used for visa inserts) from Oldham, England (just outside of Manchester) southwest to London should give us pause here in the United States. UK law enforcement says these passports have a street value of about $5 million, or over $3,000 each. Read more...

Morning News, 7/30/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 30, 2008

1. Feds. bust Russian asylum ring
2. WWII hero awarded citizenship
3. Congress pressing ahead on probe
4. Mexico expects reduced remittances
5. Diplomats' domestic workers abused
6. Chicago leader to host seminar
7. NE city residents attend hearing
8. MA activists fret legislation
9. Iowa raid sparks Jewish debate

Morning News, 7/29/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 29, 2008

1. DOJ official accused of wrongfull evaluation
2. Smugglers charged with hostage-taking
3. Convicted USBP agents' appeal shot down
4. MA PD investigating police shooting
5. DC clinic for immigrants adjusts
6. Pro-illegal rally held in NJ

Morning News, 7/28/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 28, 2008

1. Raid finds witnesses for labor violations
2. Obama health plan to exclude illegals
3. Legal Latinos sue for firings in MS
4. NC AG clears college access for illegals
5. OK sheriff races highlight issues
6. San Fran. mayor under pressure
7. NY Liberians retain political habits
8. Raids and working conditions protested
9. Minutement to re-post highway sign
10. Teens charged illegal's murder

NYT News Flash: Immigration Enforcement Not So Bad After All

By Mark Krikorian, July 27, 2008

After hyperventilating about the "Dickensian cruelty" of the immigration raid at the (genuinely Dickensian) meat plant in Postville, Iowa, the New York Times (or at least its news side) appears to have figured out that the open-borders crowd is full of it. The new insight about the value of immigration enforcement: Read more...

Making an Offer We Can't Refuse

By Mark Krikorian, July 26, 2008

New Jersey's junior Democratic wiseguy, Sen. Bob Menendez, has put a hold on legislation to re-authorize the E-Verify program, which enables employers to determine whether new hires are legal. He's holding this successful enforcement effort hostage to increased guestworker visas. Here's what a reader sent me this week about the value of the E-Verify program to his firm: Read more...

Congress Mulls Lifting HIV Ban

By Jon Feere, July 25, 2008

Under the direction of President Bush, Congress is on the verge of authorizing $48 billion for an AIDS/malaria/tuberculosis program dubbed by the Associated Press as the “most ambitious foreign public health program ever launched by the United States.” Originally launched in 2003, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is designed to reduce the spread of infectious diseases throughout the world. Read more...

“There You Go Again”

By Stephen Steinlight, July 24, 2008

Is it possible to read any Washington Post editorial on immigration – especially the continual harangues against the now successful campaign by local government in Northern Virginia to rollback the tidal wave of illegal immigration – without recalling Reagan’s historic retort in his debate with Jimmy Carter? Reagan’s bon mot brilliantly encapsulated the widely held sense Carter was hopelessly out of touch, a bungler whose self-righteous aspersions spoke volumes about his sanctimony but little regarding the issues of the day or the lives of ordinary Americans. Read more...


By Mark Krikorian, July 24, 2008

So I'm in the Atlanta airport with Sharansky's new book. I was coming up an escalator reading about his having looked for a bookstore in New York because he "had a few free hours and probably the same weakness as any author: wanting to see your book on the bookshelves." And as I get to the top of the escalator I notice a book store on the left, and what do I see front and center on the shelves but my own book!


By Mark Krikorian, July 24, 2008

The anti-enforcement crowd couldn't stop E-Verify, the online program that enables employers to verify the legal status of new hires, and it's actually starting to work, as I explain in the current issue of National Review. So the fallback position seems to be to try to get it reauthorized by Congress for only three years, rather than permanently, so they'll have another chance to kill it when the public is no longer paying attention (or after President ObaMcCain has passed an amnesty). Roy Beck has the details. Read more...

Mass Immigration vs. Modern Society, Cont'd

By Mark Krikorian, July 24, 2008

As tuberculosis declines among the native-born, it's growing among immigrants, who now make up a majority of cases nationwide. The Washington Post report contains the obligatory disclaimer:

"We recognize national borders but microbes, including TB, don't," Cain said. "As long as TB is out of control globally, as it is, this will be a problem in the U.S. If you breathe, you're at risk for TB. This can affect anyone."

Morning News, 7/24/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 24, 2008

1. U.S. expands visa program for Iraqis
2. Voters find Obama, McCain similar
3. KS legislation may be stalled
4. Murderer tests support for santuary
5. AZ sheriff's critics go to supervisors
6. VA PD chief challenged by enforcement
7. VA county residents lobby for crackdown
8. CA city purchases day laborer site
9. Businesses integrate employees

Protect the public, not the criminals

By Jessica Vaughan, July 23, 2008

The flap over which law enforcement agency is to blame for accused rapist Marco Riz’s continued illegal presence in Rhode Island has exposed the potential problems that result when local officials cling to the irresponsible position that immigration law enforcement is exclusively a federal issue, of which they can wash their hands without consequences for their community. Read more...

Morning News, 7/23/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 23, 2008

1. Experts announce rise in TB
2. NYC to expand language services
3. CA goup home loses another con
4. MA activists open rights center
5. Father seeks asylum for abused kids
6. Soccer phenom plays on Mexican team
7. 80 illegals nabbed in CA raids

Immigration Processing Can't Keep Up

By Janice Kephart, July 22, 2008

Two weeks ago, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Ombudsman released his 2008 Annual Report. Today the Ombudsman, Michael Dougherty, was at the Heritage Foundation with former INS Commissioner Doris Meissner and Heritage's James Carafano discussing the report's findings. Read more...

Morning News, 7/22/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 22, 2008

1. Tighter security creates long queues
2. McCain aid divides candidate's base
3. San Fran. PD attempt to explain fiasco
4. Regulations bar some illegal spouses
5. Cuban newcomers receive violent welcome
6. Mexican charged for smuggling deaths

Morning News, 7/21/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 21, 2008

1. CA federal court is burdened by caseload
2. Employers feel pressure of enforcement
3. 14 illegal aliens hiding in churches
4. 32 foreign born athletes in olympics
5. SC county uses private auditors for checks
6. TN 287(g) policy questioned after incident
7. CA city policy gave sanctuary to murderer
8. Enforcement named mayor of the year
9. Group buys air time to head off AZ recall
10. Wealthy NY area divided by enforcement
11. Groups explain visas to PA buisnesses
12. ICE nabs 49 gang members

Morning News, 7/18/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 18, 2008

1. ICE, DOL coordination questioned
2. Cubans enter through Mexico
3. Diocese ministers to Indian community
4. Workers sue airport companies

More on McCain at La Raza

By Mark Krikorian, July 17, 2008

This is a little late, but I did a posting at The Hill's Congress Blog on McCain's La Raza speech. In the Q&A from that speech there was at least one important answer from McCain. When pressed whether he supported a single comprehensive bill that included both enforcement and legalization, he emphatically said "yes sir, of course ... Read more...

I'm Lovin' It

By Mark Krikorian, July 17, 2008

A McDonald's franchisee in Nevada pled guilty and agreed to pay a $1 million fine for its knowing employment of illegal aliens (the two executives involved will be sentenced later). This is indeed "a coup for the government's crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants," as the Wall Street Journal put it, but the fact that it's McDonald's is especially important. Read more...

Battling on Too Many Fronts

By Mark Krikorian, July 17, 2008

Here's the real reason the open-borders crowd doesn't like the many state and local efforts to limit illegal immigration:

"It's impossible for us to keep track of every local ordinance that pops up," said Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition. "Advocates just feel overwhelmed, we just can't be fighting thousands of little battles.

"We would rather have a national debate on the national solution for this national problem that we have."

Morning News, 7/17/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 17, 2008

1. Federal inaction spurs state laws
2. USBP seeks to boost recruitment
3. Push made for TN immigration judge
4. McCain's agenda at odds with party
5. Money to improve border areas unspent
6. AZ sheriff accused of profiling
7. La Raza seeks control over debate
8. Major franchise admits to hiring
9. Plant raid detainees remain in limbo
10. MD illegals charged with rape

Morning News, 7/16/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 16, 2008

1. Mexico blames U.S. for fiasco
2. New book advocates for restrictions
3. PA mayor lobbies for pledge
4. MD county passes regulations
5. Applicants sue in order to vote

Obama and McCain at La Raza

By Jon Feere, July 15, 2008

Regardless of which candidate wins in November, be prepared for the National Council of La Raza to announce a victory for mass, illegal alien amnesty. La Raza will likely announce that the outcome (whether it be a President Obama or McCain) “indicates America’s support for comprehensive reform.” Of course, poll after poll after poll indicates quite the opposite.

The following are immigration-related excerpts from the Obama and McCain speeches at La Raza’s annual conference this week. Read more...

Morning News, 7/15/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 15, 2008

1. McCain speaks at NCLR convention
2. MO law has legal ground questioned
3. Checks lead to more deportations
4. Activists call for probe on death

Morning News, 7/14/08

By Bryan Griffith, July 14, 2008

1. Obama speaks at NCLR convention
2. Canadian gov't seeks U.S. workers
3. RI enforcement panel meets
4. GA county sued over compliance
5. Illegals facing deportation

CT FOIC Ruling on Elm City ID

By Stephen Steinlight, July 11, 2008

Connecticut’s Freedom of Information Commission’s ruling against releasing names of “Elm City ID” recipients represents a temporary setback in the campaign to promote government transparency and dismantle one prop supporting New Haven’s “sanctuary” status. The decision will be appealed in State Superior Court. The ruling was not unanimous. Vigorously dissenting was FOI Chair, Andrew J. O’Keefe. He dismissed claims of “imminent threats” in hearsay evidence presented by New Haven and other plaintiffs, and found interpretation of CT’s DHS statute addressing protection of government infrastructure to include protection of illegal aliens legally untenable. Read more...