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Houston, We Have a Problem

By Jessica Vaughan, November 19, 2008

This week the Houston Chronicle published an extensive three-part series reporting on the disturbing number (thousands) of illegal aliens who commit crimes and are processed through the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, but manage to avoid removal and often remain in the community to progress in their criminal career. The series does a service by pointing out the issues involved in dealing with the hundreds of thousands of criminal aliens living in this country. But it gives the misleading impression that local law enforcement agencies are helpless, with no recourse but to sit and wait for ICE to take all these bad people off their hands. Read more...

Coalition of the Willing-to-do-anything-for-visa-waivers

By Jessica Vaughan, October 31, 2008

“Mission Accomplished” was the clever slug line on a double news item circulated today to consular officers around the globe through the list-serv known as the Town Crier ( Read more...

Visa Waivers: Ready or Not, Here They Come

By Jessica Vaughan, September 23, 2008

A new GAO report sharply criticizes the Dept. of Homeland Security for its reckless disregard of legitimate security and law enforcement concerns and standard operating procedures in pressing forward to offer visa waivers to visitors from at least nine new countries, mostly in Eastern Europe. Read more...

Another court rejects challenge to mandatory use of E-Verify

By Jessica Vaughan, September 16, 2008

Yesterday, a Rhode Island judge rejected a request from the ACLU and three others to halt the state’s implementation of Governor Don Carcieri’s Executive Order requiring all state contractors, vendors, and grantees to use E-Verify, or lose their government contracts. Read more...

Hartford, CT - Sanctuary City?

By Jessica Vaughan, August 13, 2008

If Hartford mayor Eddie Perez signs an ordinance sent to him by the city council, the Connecticut state capital will be the latest to join the list of cities that are obstructing the identification of criminal aliens, and almost certainly endangering their residents in the process. (See .) The ordinance forbids city police from arresting illegal aliens they encounter who are the subject of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) administrative warrant. Read more...

Protect the public, not the criminals

By Jessica Vaughan, July 23, 2008

The flap over which law enforcement agency is to blame for accused rapist Marco Riz’s continued illegal presence in Rhode Island has exposed the potential problems that result when local officials cling to the irresponsible position that immigration law enforcement is exclusively a federal issue, of which they can wash their hands without consequences for their community. Read more...