New York and Immigration

"New York City (NYC) provides a window into how a lack of local government cooperation can adversely affect the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration laws. This obstruction affects the safety of New York City residents and the rest of the state, even the entire country."

- W.D. Reasoner (a pseudonym), retired government employee

"Like most other efforts at the state and national level to enact some version of the Dream Act, Democratic legislators present these efforts as narrowly tailored and necessary efforts to redress a wrong perpetrated against innocent victims who were infants or young children when they were brought here."

- Stanley Renshon, CIS Fellow

On Profiling, Irony, and Hypocrisy

By Dan Cadman
February 2014

Overstay This Visa!

By Mark Krikorian
August 2012

Deconstructing the New York Times

By Jerry Kammer
April 2011