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Gang of Eight's Comprehensive Immigration Fraud

By John Miano, May 10, 2013

The Gang of Eight's immigration bill has now grown from 844 pages to 867 pages.

One of the changes is to include "comprehensive immigration reform" in the title. Read more...

Highly Skilled for H-1B Application; Low-Skilled for Paycheck

By John Miano, May 3, 2013

Thursday morning NPR had yet another lobbyist sob story on H-1B.

A small company called GYMPACT has made an H-1B application for a "highly skilled" worker and they do not know if it will be approved.

That inspired me to take a look at the H-1B disclosure data at the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. Read more...

S.744: 91 pp. of Amnesty + 753 pp. of Goodies for Lobbyists = 844 pp. of Bad News for American Workers

By John Miano, April 30, 2013

After spending several days reading the Gang of Eight's immigration bill, I share a number of observations:

Observation 1: The current immigration system is 120 pages long. Reform should not take 844 pages. Amnesty for illegal aliens takes up 91 pages. The other 753 pages of mischief should be of greatest concern to the public. Read more...

Reporters, Beware of Lobbyists Bearing Stories

By John Miano, April 5, 2013

One of the toughest challenges for the media is to put a personal face on a story. They always want to have a subject to show how an issue affects an individual. This can be very tough for a national issue like H-1B visas. Over the years I have frequently received requests from reporters like "Do you know an American living in Peoria who has been replaced by an H-1B worker within the past three months?" This was tough even when I was working as a programmer. I saw Americans being replaced by H-1B workers first hand, but they were always in New Jersey. Read more...

More Proof that Visa Abuse Is Instinctive at IBM

By John Miano, September 21, 2012

Read more on IBM and H-1Bs

In my last blog posting I pondered whether people were placing fake IBM job advertisements or whether IBM instinctively engages in visa abuse.

I have learned conclusively that it is the latter.

An intrepid reader has pointed out that the abusive behavior at IBM is even more flagrant than I had imagined. To view this firsthand, I: Read more...

Is Visa Abuse Instinctive at IBM?

By John Miano, September 19, 2012

Read more on IBM and H-1Bs

When I think of visa abuse, the first company that comes to mind is IBM. Whenever I am doing research on some aspect of employment-based visa abuse, IBM always seems to pop up. Read more...

Deferred Action Could Aid Future Enforcement

By John Miano, August 22, 2012

Keeping on top of the mess that is our guestworker programs keeps me so busy that I do not have enough time to devote to the rest of the immigration system.

The big news there is President Obama's "deferred action" program in which he is granting an amnesty to certain illegal aliens. Through this administrative amnesty, illegal aliens who register can avoid deportation and get a work permit. Read more...

IBM: "The Cost Difference Is Too Great for the Business Not to Look for" H-1B Workers

By John Miano, August 6, 2012

Read more on IBM and H-1Bs

Workers from around the country send me examples of H-1B abuse that is taking place around them. I organize this data to decipher patterns. There is usually no legal action that can be taken due to the way the law is structured and the circumstances of the information provider. Generally, I just collect. Read more...

Brookings Claims of H-1B Demand Not Supported by Their Data

By John Miano, July 31, 2012

The Brookings Institution recently released a report on the geographic distribution of workers using H-1B visas. (My colleague David North attended the press event for the report, which he discussed here.) The report itself is rather benign and presents no surprises to anyone familiar with the H-1B data. H-1B workers are highly concentrated in certain metropolitan areas. Read more...

Congress Pushes for More Foreign STEM Students Despite Surplus

By John Miano, July 9, 2012

The Washington Post ran an interesting article on July 7 that, when examined in context, illustrates just how much dysfunction there is in Congress.

The title sums up the situation well: "U.S. pushes for more scientists, but the jobs aren't there". Read more...

H-1B Visas Flood U.S. Labor Markets with Bush-League Workers

By John Miano, June 20, 2012

Tim Hernholtz has an interesting blog post on Reuters titled "The NBA has America's model migrant worker program".

Mr. Hernholtz notes the number of foreign players in the NBA and notes that allowing the best players from around the world play in America improves the sport.

To that there is little disagreement.

H-1B Concentrated in a Few High-Wage States

By John Miano, April 13, 2012

While examining the Labor Condition Applications for H-1B visas for my previous CIS Backgrounders "H-1B Visa Numbers: No Relationship to Economic Need", and "Low Salaries for Low Skills: Wages and Skill Levels for H-1B Computer Workers, 2005", and "The Bottom of the Pay Scale: Wages for H-1B Computer Programmers", it was apparent that H-1B workers are highly concentrated in a few states. At the time, unfortunately, the nature of the data made it difficult to quantify where the workers were actually going.

Recently, however, released admission data, including the state of destination, which gives a picture of the density of H-1B workers. Read more...

Biden on H1B Visas

By John Miano, March 31, 2012

In an interview with a Davenport, Iowa, TV station, this exchange occurred with Vice President Joe Biden:

Q: Are two [sic] many H1B visas given out each year? Are too many highly skilled jobs going to people outside the United States?

What Will It Take to Get Congress to Clean Up the H-1B Program?

By John Miano, March 19, 2012

I have been following the H-1B issue for nearly two decades now. The most striking thing I have learned is how Congress dances to big money and has become powerless to act in the public good.

The first government H-1B audit came out in 1996. Read more...

The Rodney Dangerfield of Professions?

By John Miano, February 28, 2012

Last week the National Academy of Engineering awarded the Charles Stark Draper Prize to George H. Heilmeier, Wolfgang Helfrich, Martin Schadt, and T. Peter Brody for developing the liquid crystal display.

The Draper Prize is the most prestigious award in the world for engineering achievement.

No major mainstream media outlet covered the award.

Is the Mainstream Media Incapable of Getting the Facts Right About H-1B?

By John Miano, February 16, 2012

Abuse in the H-1B program is so routine that it hardly is news. Even using the H-1B program to import teenage sex slaves sparks little outrage. When plain vanilla H-1B abuse takes place, it is really old hat. Read more...

Why Obama Doesn't Have a Clue

By John Miano, February 12, 2012

The H-1B program has been in the news lately as a result of President Obama's nonsensical response to a woman whose husband is an unemployed engineer.

When confronted with the question of why the U.S. is importing foreign engineers when Americans are out of work, the president respond, "There is a huge demand around the country for engineers." Read more...

When Lobbyists Write Bills

By John Miano, February 3, 2012

Those of us who went through the H-1B expansion battle in 1998 know well that industry does not have good faith when it comes to H-1B visas. Now that the H-1B visa has again come to the attention of the public, let me take this opportunity to describe how things work in Washington. Read more...

Fact-Free Fact Check on H-1B

By John Miano, February 2, 2012

The recent incident where a woman asked president Obama why we are importing foreign workers on H-1B visas has attracted much attention to the issue...and has brought out the worst in American media. Read more...

We're Still Waiting

By John Miano, January 31, 2012

President Obama says that "The H-1B should be reserved only for those companies who say they cannot find somebody in that particular field."

Well Mr. President, when are you and the Democrats going to propose legislation to ensure that only companies that cannot find Americans can get H-1B visas? Read more...

Congress Acting Dumb

By John Miano, December 16, 2011

The Washington Post documents Rep. Tim Griffin's (R-Ark) difficultly in deciding on a name for a new bill to give green cards to aliens simply because they get graduate degrees in the U.S. He apparently started with the NERDS Act (New Employees for Research & Development and STEM) but settled on BRAIN Act (Bringing and Retaining Accomplished Innovators for the Nation). Read more...

New Audit on H-1B Visas

By John Miano, September 18, 2011

Social Security Administration's Office of Inspector General has a new report out, "H-1B Workers' Use of Social Security Numbers". The OIG found that about 18 percent of Social Security numbers issued to H-1B workers were being used to report wages from sources other than the approved employer or were reporting no wages at all.

This follows a 2008 report from USCIS that found a violation rate in the H-1B program of over 20 percent.

The most recent Department of Labor Inspector General report on H-1B is available as well.

All of these audits from government agencies provide a striking contrast to the propaganda view of the H-1B program put forth by lobbyists.


When in Doubt, Make It Up

By John Miano, August 23, 2011

Advocates for cheap-labor guestworker programs, like H-1B, long ago found a solution to their problem of lacking data to support their position: simply make it up.

The latest example comes in a press release from MonolithIC 3D Inc. That press release states: Read more...

The Startup Visa Fraud

By John Miano, May 12, 2011

Over the years industry lobbyists have come up with a number of different marketing campaigns for cheap labor in technology fields. In the past we have seen the "best and brightest" campaign and the "We educate them – why send them home?" campaign. The pitch from these used car salesmen is that all these H-1B workers are really entrepreneurs ready to start companies and build up the economy. America just needs to set these H-1B workers loose to revive the economy. Read more...

Where are the H-1B Geniuses?

By John Miano, May 8, 2011

The U.S. imports about 100,000 people a year on H-1B visas. The public is constantly told that this mass of labor imports represent the "Best and Brightest" in the world.

Where are the big accomplishments from those on H-1B visas?

The citations of "H-1B" accomplishments from program supporters illustrate this problem. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that: Read more...

Does Parroting Lobbyists Constitute 'News analysis'?

By John Miano, May 2, 2011

This week provided a wonderful example of why public funding for NPR should be cut off.

In the tech industry it has become routine for Americans to be replaced by lower-paid foreign workers on H-1B visas. The repeating pattern is for the U.S. employer to contract with an H-1B bodyshop to supply labor to replace its American workers. The U.S. employer then requires its American workers train their foreign replacements. Read more...

Lobbyists Spin GAO Report on H-1B

By John Miano, February 21, 2011

We have previously reported that the GAO has released a new study on the H-1B program titled "H-1B Visa Program: Reforms Are Needed to Minimize the Risks and Costs of Current Program". As you can tell from the title, this report does not paint a pretty picture of the H-1B program, like all the other government reports that came before it.

Now the lobbyist spin on the GAO report is coming in. Read more...

GAO Confirms CIS on H-1B

By John Miano, February 1, 2011

The GAO has released a new report, "H-1B Visa Program: Reforms Are Needed to Minimize the Risks and Costs of Current Program", as my colleague David North has mentioned.

The GAO's findings include:

  • 1 percent of the employers get 30 percent of the visas.
  • Most interviewed companies said the H-1B cap and program created costs, but were not factors in their decisions to move R&D overseas
  • Restricted agency oversight and statutory changes weaken protections for U.S. workers

... Before the Truth Can Get Its Boots on

By John Miano, September 27, 2010

I recently wrote about how two separate newspapers ran nearly word-for-word identical editorials on H-1B visas. The piece at issue he was published as an opinion of the newspaper without attribution to another source.

It has happened again with the same text. This time at September 26 editorial in the Ventura County Star: Read more...

H-1B Commentary Removed from Reality

By John Miano, September 10, 2010

Political correctness is the guiding force in most of the mainstream media's coverage of immigration issues. Very often the media's hunger for political correctness goes from out of touch with reality into the truly bizarre.

A September 5 editorial from the Metrowest Daily News in Massachusetts starts off like this:

In a rare show of bipartisanship last month, Congress approved a $600 million border-security bill to help cut off the flow of illegal immigrants.