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Fired Illegals Say Chipotle Was Soft on Immigration

By Jon Feere, April 14, 2011

Reuters has written an expose on the illegal hiring practices at Chipotle, the fast-food burrito chain that continues to be the focus of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement audit. The article is worth reading in full, as it generally avoids the frivolity found in most immigration reporting. Shockingly, the journalists admit: "Chipotle could have found anomalies had it used E-Verify." Here is part of the article: Read more...

Rising Frustrations, Call to the Streets

By Jerry Kammer, April 14, 2011

On today's "Democracy Now!" program, co-host Juan Gonzalez interviewed Rep. Raul Grijalva. Both men expressed frustration with the lack of action on immigration reform by Congress and the Obama administration. Here are the principal exchanges, including a suggestion from Gonzalez that it is "time to shut down Phoenix" in protest. The interview took place the day after advocates of illegal immigrants in Los Angeles announced plans for a major demonstration there on May 1: Read more...

Massachusetts Health Plan Giveaway

By Jessica Vaughan, April 14, 2011

For a preview of how a federally-run health care system might deal with uninsured illegal immigrants, watch Massachusetts. In 2006 the state enacted Romneycare, which many consider to be the precursor to Obamacare. A recent report from the Massachusetts Inspector General has found that state agencies have failed to implement controls to prevent ineligible people – including illegal immigrants – from getting free taxpayer-funded health care. Read more...

Salt Lake Chamber Dupes the Supporters of the Utah Compact

By Ronald W. Mortensen, April 13, 2011

Did the Salt Lake Chamber dupe Utah's religious organizations, social justice groups, and media outlets into helping it pass legislation that guarantees its business members a large pool of low-cost, easily exploited illegal alien labor? It appears that that may have been the case. Read more...

A Worm's-Eye View of IRS Tax Collection Practices vs. Some Aliens

By David North, April 13, 2011

A single Border Patrol agent, dealing with, say, a five-mile stretch of the southern border, may not have a good understanding of the nation's immigration enforcement policy, but he certainly knows how it plays in his own turf.

Similarly, I do not have a good grasp of IRS policies, generally, regarding the collection of taxes from aliens, but I do have a pretty comprehensive knowledge of how they work vis-a-vis foreign graduate students. This is the case because I have been running, for 12 years now, a volunteer program to help graduate students at a major D.C.-area university with their income tax filings. Most of our clients are from overseas. Read more...

Univision Does It Again

By Jerry Kammer, April 13, 2011

The nightly newscast of the Univision network makes little effort to report on legitimate concerns about immigration. Last week, for example, it ignored the CIS report on the high rate at which immigrants make use of federal welfare programs.

But on Tuesday, the newscast came out of a commercial for Kellogg's cereals with this information: Read more...

61% of Americans Agree: Unregulated Immigration Increases Poverty

By Jon Feere, April 11, 2011

According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, 61 percent of adults say if immigration laws were enforced, there would be less poverty in America. Only 19 percent disagree with that assessment.

Seventy-seven percent of Republican respondents and 58 percent of adults not affiliated with either of the two political parties feel there would be less poverty if immigration laws were enforced. Forty-eight percent of democrat respondents agreed. Read more...

BIA Does the Right Thing – Let's Hope America Publicizes It

By David North, April 9, 2011

The Board of Immigration Appeals did the right thing on April 8 – and I hope governmental publicists let the Muslim world know about it.

They probably won't, partially because the Congress may be shutting down the government, and partially because foreign policy writers rarely pay attention to immigration issues, both unfortunate situations. Read more...

Arizona Prop 100 Upheld

By James R. Edwards Jr., April 9, 2011

No thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union, Arizona's law to keep criminal aliens behind bars has won in federal court. At the bull's eye of a failed legal strategem stands the lawman the open-borders crowd loves to hate, Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Read more...

Viewing the H-1B Program from a Different Angle

By David North, April 8, 2011

Usually foreign worker programs are viewed from a distance by observers, as useful or destructive activities, or by employers as good ways to cut wage costs. Sometimes they are seen through the eyes of U.S. workers displaced by the program. Sometimes, when abuses are severe, one sees the program from the point of view of the exploited worker.

In the case of the H-1B program – which I think should be reduced drastically and reformed – I have had an opportunity to see the program through eyes of the willing participants, people who are either in the program or who are headed towards it. Read more...