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State OKs Migration of Same-Sex Partners, But for Diplomats Only

By David North, March 8, 2011

The U.S. State Department has quietly made it legal for some Americans to migrate their alien same-sex partners to the U.S. – but it has done so only for diplomats.

Run-of-the-mill citizens can get visas for alien spouses only in male-female marriages, but the ever-creative State Department has figured a way around that law, but only for its own diplomats. Earlier it made roughly comparable arrangements for diplomats from other nations. Read more...

Utah Legislative Leaders & Special Interests Force Through Amnesty/Guestworker Program

By Ronald W. Mortensen, March 8, 2011

Illegal immigration has been a central focus of the current Utah legislative session.

Immediately after the Arizona enforcement bill was signed into law, state Rep. Stephen Sandstrom indicated that he would introduce enforcement legislation in the 2011 legislature and the proposal drew overwhelming public support. Read more...

The Very Model of a Modern Illegal Alien?

By James R. Edwards Jr., March 7, 2011

Immigration and Customs Enforcement shares responsibility for the death of a nun and two others' injury in Prince William County, Va., last year. The internal ICE report on the matter, which it took a Freedom of Information Act demand to make public, points the finger squarely at ICE for the release of illegal alien Carlos Martinelly Montano, who stands accused of manslaughter while driving under the influence. Read more...

Mojitos vs. Mogen David: Mi Primer Pensamientos de Hispanic Jews and Patriotic Assimilation

By Stephen Steinlight, March 4, 2011

From my earliest days at CIS, a principal target for my speaking engagements has been Florida's slowly northward migrating Jewish heartland, and I've addressed every sort of Jewish audience prepared to listen, excepting those already stone-deaf or on life-support, though truth to tell, on occasion I've spoken to groups bordering on both. In sundry settings I've made our case to thousands in the aggregate. Read more...

My Great-Grandfather, President Obama, and Preserving Our Federal Lands

By Janice Kephart, March 3, 2011

Two years ago hidden camera sources in Arizona started sending me e-mails containing footage of illegal aliens unabashedly violating our federal lands with illegally-cut trails and trash by the hundreds of tons. Since then, I have produced three mini-documentaries on the subject. So far, these films have received a combined total of nearly 700,000 views. Since then, I have sought answers as to why Arizona is such a massive gateway for illegal activity. Read more...

USCIS Involves White House as It Streamlines H-1B Process

By David North, March 2, 2011

The USCIS involved the White House in its announcement at five this afternoon of a proposed rule that would save H-1B-using corporations millions of dollars a year.

The proposed rule, which would not go into effect for 12 months, will not affect the basic rules of the program nor the various ceilings set by Congress, but it would potentially cut costs for employers, presumably making it even more attractive to corporations than it is now. Read more...

House Panel Has Lively Session on Illegals' Impact on Black Workers

By David North, March 2, 2011

The House of Representatives Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement held a lively but largely good-tempered discussion yesterday morning about the extent of the impact of illegal alien workers on the labor market experiences of blacks, particularly black men.

For the hearing announcement and links to witness statements see here. Read more...

Should Employer Fines Be Cut Because of the Recession?

By David North, March 1, 2011

When jobs for American residents are scarce, should an employer pay smaller fines for ignoring the rules on hiring illegal aliens because there's a recession?

That's the odd position taken by an administrative law judge (ALJ) who works for the Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), an arm of the U.S. Justice Department. Read more...

Hatch Bill Targets Several Loopholes

By James R. Edwards Jr., February 28, 2011

My colleague Janice Kephart recently highlighted the tremendous risks of the visa lottery program in a recent blog here. Indeed, the visa lottery needlessly clogs the system with millions of applications (a portion of them multiple applications by the same applicant). More than 12 million people filed for this year's lottery – 55,000 visas – and almost 15 million applied for next year's lottery. Read more...

Multi-Tasking Coast Guard Does a Lot Besides Stopping Illegal Entries

By David North, February 28, 2011

Since I am curious about the apparent current and strange lack of illegal entry attempts from Haiti in recent months, I have been following the flow of press releases out of Coast Guard's Seventh District headquarters in Miami.

The image I get is an entity as busy as a one-armed paperhanger, who is also charged with cooking the meals, watching the dog, changing the baby . . . and catching illegal immigrants. Read more...