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How Independent is the DHS Inspector General?

By David North, June 6, 2013

Inspector Generals (IGs) of government agencies are supposed to be junk-yard dogs in their fierceness and independence. They investigate things and report to the public. It is a useful institution, generally.

But something came over the Internet yesterday morning that puts the independence of the Department of Homeland Security's IG in question. Read more...

Cornyn's RESULTS Amendment Would Get No Results

By Mark Krikorian, June 5, 2013

Senator Cornyn is floating what he's calling the RESULTS Amendment (I hate these ridiculous acronyms) to tighten up the Schumer-Rubio bill. It's part of the attempt, described by Jonathan Strong over at the Corner, to provide political cover for Republican senators to vote for the amnesty. Read more...

Central American Exodus Shakes South Texas

By Jerry Kammer, June 4, 2013

The exodus from the stunning violence and brutal poverty of Central America is a growing tragedy.

The implications for the United States can be seen most readily in South Texas. Many news reports have taken note of the Border Patrol's inability to control the narrow corridor leading northward from the border town of McAllen. Read more...

Gang of Eight Offers Two New Ways to Buy U.S. Visas

By David North, June 4, 2013

This blog has previously reported the existence of three different ways that aliens could legitimately buy legal status in the United States.

Now, the ever-generous Gang of Eight has proposed two additional ways to convert money into visas. Read more...

Where Ought Christians Come Down on the Schumer-Rubio-Obama Amnesty?

By James R. Edwards Jr., June 4, 2013

I'm not going to answer the question posed in the headline of this blog. I leave the answer to the consciences of individual Americans who practice the Christian faith, based on how the Holy Spirit guides them according to the Bible's teachings.

What I'm going to do, however, is share four biblical principles I, as a follower of Jesus whose calling has been to the Washington policy arena, have derived for addressing such matters of prudential judgment. I'll apply those criteria to the amnesty issue and the bill presently before the Senate, S.744. Read more...

Castaneda Warns of "New Underclass of the Undocumented"

By Jerry Kammer, June 3, 2013

Jorge Castaneda, the former foreign minister of Mexico, is warning that a "new underclass of the undocumented" will form in the United States unless the immigration bill that will be debated in the Senate beginning next week is amended to provide more visas for low-skilled Mexicans. Read more...

William Finnegan of the New Yorker Defends the Facts on Immigration and Wages – His Version, Anyway

By Jerry Kammer, June 3, 2013

William Finnegan, the accomplished New Yorker writer with an unfortunate tendency to denigrate those who resist large-scale immigration of low-skilled workers, did it again this week. This time he questioned the character and competence of those who claim that an oversupply of immigrant labor has suppressed wages among unskilled workers.

Finnegan called that concern "a venerable argument against immigration, with unfortunate nativist echoes and only a glancing association with the facts." Read more...

Whistling Past the Fiscal Graveyard

By James R. Edwards Jr., June 3, 2013

Some amnesty proponents on the right have made the ludicrous suggestion that we somehow can wave a magic wand and reduce the U.S. welfare state. That, they suggest, would reduce the humongous costs of amnesty to our country and American taxpayers. Well, don't hold your breath for this cost liability reduction to happen. Read more...

MSNBC'S Alex Wagner Visits the Border, Delivers Nothing

By Jerry Kammer, May 30, 2013

Over the past month an interesting debate has involved liberal commentator Matt Yglesias, who defends large-scale immigration of poor people from Third World countries, and conservative Ross Douthat, who suggests that immigration should be limited in order to avoid overwhelming our ability to provide poor immigrants with the opportunity to incorporate themselves economically and civically into American society. See, for example, here and here.

Their debate has contrasted the liberal tendency to regard national identity as subordinate to our common human identity with the conservative inclination to believe that the nation state and national boundaries are both natural and necessary. Read more...

NY Times Prints Apples vs. Oranges Study on Medicare Costs and Income

By David North, May 30, 2013

This morning's New York Times carries another one of those stories on biased academic studies that suggest that immigrants financially help support federal programs, in this case Medicare.

It is one of those studies where the numbers quoted are probably accurate, but they are totally misleading. Read more...