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BIA Splits Hairs on Ski Resort Bribery Case

By David North, October 20, 2010

The inevitable first question has to be, how does an alien bribe a federal official regarding a gondola at a ski resort?

But the more significant question is, how could a blatant bribery attempt like this one be so badly handled by the Department of Homeland Security?

It all started long ago, as it often does in immigration cases, back in November 2004. Read more...

ICE's Mission Melt 4: Houston, We Have a Problem

By Janice Kephart, October 20, 2010

This week the Houston Chronicle published an investigative piece showing a recent surge in immigration case dismissals in Houston for those without criminal convictions. Read more...

President Obama's Silent Immigration Amnesty, Part II: The Consequences of Ignoring Broken Windows

By Stanley Renshon, October 19, 2010

[See also "President Obama's Silent Immigration Amnesty, Part I: Ignoring Broken Windows."]

President Obama's silent immigration amnesty undercuts his public promise to respond to Americans' desire to curtail illegal immigration and enforce our country's immigration laws. Dismissing the cases of those already being brought before the courts for violating immigration laws is an awful betrayal of his word to Americans.

But it is worse that that because his silent amnesty, in effect, further shatters immigration policy's already broken windows. Read more...

Rare Occurrence: A Balanced Immigration Panel

By James R. Edwards Jr., October 18, 2010

I recently discussed a Christian view of "Immigration & the Workforce" at a panel sponsored by Nyack College's Washington office. Nyack deserves credit, especially on one count: This panel was actually balanced: two speakers advocated amnesty and two opposed amnesty. Read more...

The Use of Self-Created Ignorance as a USCIS Defense Mechanism

By David North, October 18, 2010

The otherwise useful article in the Sunday New York Times about aliens voting illegally slipped over the USCIS' slippery defense mechanism in the case, but to me it stood out like the proverbial sore thumb. I will get back to that in a minute.

The article, "Immigrants Find Voting Can Come at a Cost," told of the case of an immigrant from the Caribbean island of St. Kitts who voted in New York as a permanent resident alien, and, as a consequence, faces deportation. Read more...

President Obama's Silent Immigration Amnesty, Part I: Ignoring Broken Windows

By Stanley Renshon, October 18, 2010

In the late 1960s Phil Zimbardo, then a young Assistant Professor of Psychology at CUNY's Brooklyn College, parked a car without a license plate and with its hood up in a Bronx neighborhood, had a comparable car parked in Palo Alto, Calif., and photographed the results. As George L. Kelling and James Q. Read more...

For a Really Excellent Immigration Report, Try Australia's Offering

By David North, October 17, 2010

If you want to understand a nation's immigration policy, and its consequences, you should examine – or just leaf through – Australia's annual report, Population Flows: Immigration Aspects 2008-2009 Edition.

The document, which covers the year ending June 30, 2009, is the very model of a modern report on a nation's immigration; the United States produces nothing like it.

Now, the Aussies have several advantages over us.

Wishful Thinking from the Center for American Progress

By Philip Cafaro, October 16, 2010

In the progressive political circles I frequent, I often hear exclamations of amazement regarding climate change deniers. "How can these people reject the mountain of evidence that the world is warming? How can they deny the scientific consensus regarding humanity's leading role in disrupting the climate? How, in good conscience, can they ignore climate change's potentially disastrous impacts on their own children and grandchildren?" Read more...

Good and Bad News on the Investors' Visa Program

By David North, October 16, 2010

The good news about the Investor's Visa Program (which gives everyone in the alien's family a green card for a two-year-long, half-million-dollar investment) is that its use apparently has dropped by about 50 percent in FY 2010.

The bad news is that, with each passing year, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services approves a larger and a larger proportion of the EB-5 applications presented to it. Read more...

Chinese Illegals Coming to U.S. via Haiti (!) and Belize

By David North, October 13, 2010

If you think American entities sometimes have trouble enforcing the immigration law, you should hear about how some other countries handle the challenge.

This week's prime example features the small Central American nation of Belize, with China, Cuba, and Haiti all playing supporting roles. Read more...