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Pondering a Sexual Predator's Case

By W.D. Reasoner, March 26, 2012

On Wednesday, the Daily Caller published the story of an accused child molester, one Amado Espinoza-Ramirez, who was arrested by Chicago police last August and charged with 42 counts of predatory sexual acts. He was booked into the Cook County Jail, which is operated under the auspices of the Cook County Sheriff's Office. Because the suspect was an alien, the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) filed a detainer against him once they became aware of the arrest. Read more...

New DHS Estimates Confirm that Illegal Immigrant Population Stopped Declining Under Obama

By Steven A. Camarota, March 26, 2012

In February of this year, the Center for Immigration Studies issued a press release reporting that preliminary analysis of Census Bureau data showed the illegal population held roughly steady from January 1, 2009 (the month Obama took office), to January 1, 2011. The just-released Department of Homeland Security (DHS) estimates for 2011 confirm our prior observations. Read more...

Rethinking TPS for the Syrians: Let's Make It a Freeze, Not a Bonanza

By David North, March 26, 2012

The Department of Homeland Security is about to create Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syrians in this country, legally and illegally, because of the near-civil war in that nation.

Now is the time to re-think our reaction to such situations. Read more...

Sadly Laughable and Laughably Sad: ICE Plans for Improving Employee Morale

By W.D. Reasoner, March 26, 2012

On Thursday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on the testimony of the agency's Director for Homeland Security and Justice Issues, David C. Maurer, before the House of Representatives' Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Management. The topic was "Preliminary Observations on DHS's Efforts to Improve Employee Morale". Read more...

State Department's OIG Rips the Summer Work Travel Program

By Jerry Kammer, March 23, 2012

News reports have revealed that both of Alaska's U.S. senators are pressuring the State Department to back off from proposed regulations that would put Alaska's seafood processing plants on a list of job sites off-limits to the controversial Summer Work Travel program. Read more...

New York State's "Dream Act": "Good Character" Equals No Violent Felony Conviction

By Stanley Renshon, March 23, 2012

New York State ranks its felonies from Class A to Class E, with Class A the most serious and Class E the least. Class A felonies are divided into Class A-I and Class A-II and the others are labeled either violent or nonviolent. There also are misdemeanors (Class A or Class B) and violations, the least serious criminal offenses. Read more...

Medieval Farm Labor Practice OK'd by USCIS

By David North, March 23, 2012

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
— Luke 2:8.

The worker has been, literally, out in the wild and living in a trailer or tent seven days a week, 365 days a year. He does it in all kinds of weather.

He's been guarding a valuable herd of sheep, helping with their births, tending their every need, and fighting off varmints. Sometimes, for months on end, he rarely sees another human being. Read more...

The Homeland Security Show with Janice Kephart - Premiere Show

By Janice Kephart, March 22, 2012

"The Homeland Security Show with Janice Kephart", my new Internet radio show, premiered on on Monday, March 19. I invite you to download the first episode and hope you will tune in every Monday at 7 p.m. EST to listen to the show live. The show is something I do on my own and is not a Center for Immigration Studies project. Read more...

New York State's "Dream Act": Committing Most Crimes Is No Barrier

By Stanley Renshon, March 22, 2012

Various federal and state versions of "Dream Act" legislation seem tailor-made as a wedge issue and are used that way by advocates. Who could be against helping those who were brought here illegally as infants and young children by their parents and now suffer the consequences of their parents' effort to give them a better life? Why, people, mostly though not wholly Republicans, who are "anti-immigrant", that's who.

The reality is quite different.

New York State's "Dream Act": An Ongoing Incentive for More Illegal Immigration

By Stanley Renshon, March 21, 2012

The poster stories of infants and very young children brought to the United States illegally by their parents are meant to present those who support enforcement of American immigration laws with a dilemma. "Look at these poor children", we are told. "They were brought here by their parents seeking a better life and had no control over that choice."

For some as-yet unknown number of persons that is true. But it is not true for all of those who would be covered by most versions of the Dream Act, including the proposed New York State laws we are discussing. Read more...