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Honduran Woman Tries to Deport Her Own Mother

By David North, May 11, 2011

It's the perfect man-bites-dog story in the immigration field; a 30-ish Honduran woman seeks to deport her own mother, goes to the Honduran consulate in Atlanta to speed it up, and is faced with a demand for a bribe to do so.

The full story has elements of pathos, of irony, of illegal-alien klutziness, as well as some interesting implications for immigration policy, notably that we as a nation should systematically encourage the non-mandatory departure of illegals – something we don't do. Read more...

Credibility Gap

By Mark Krikorian, May 11, 2011

The president still doesn't get it.

If his amnesty speech yesterday in El Paso is any indication, he really believes that the call for "enforcement first" is merely a ploy to avoid amnesty. His crack about alligators suggests he thinks that he's done all the enforcement that can reasonably be expected of him and that further opposition to amnesty is simple demagoguery. Read more...

Obama's Amnesty Speech

By James R. Edwards Jr., May 10, 2011

The president's speech in El Paso this afternoon delivered a whopper in his call for mass amnesty (still referred to by advocates, including Obama, as "comprehensive immigration reform"). In fact, there were several whoppers, examples of stretching of the truth, and hackneyed phraseology. Read more...

The Outcomes of 'Comprehensive' Reform

By Jerry Kammer, May 10, 2011

In her appearance on C-SPAN this morning, Hispanic Federation president Lillian Rodriguez Lopez made it clear that her organization and its allies continue to press President Obama and the Congress for the massive pinata of comprehensive immigration reform. Read more...

A Roundup of H-1B News

By David North, May 10, 2011

The H-1B program has been creating news recently, and here's a summary of some items of interest:

From USCIS: The 18-month long H-1B hiring season was opened again on April 1 by USCIS, and there were some takers – but not many. This lack of interest was probably due to economic factors, not the opposition to the program from many of us, and not much because some of the fees had been raised last year by congressional action. Read more...

How One Illegal Outwitted Federal, State Authorities for 30 Years

By David North, May 9, 2011

Detective Joe Friday of the long-ago "Dragnet" TV show famously said to female witnesses, "just give me the facts, Ma'am."

ICE publicists might rephrase this as, "just give me the triumphs."

As a recovering federal publicist myself (U.S. Department of Interior, 1997-1999) I have a sense of how this works, and how agencies feed the press (unless challenged) only the best part of the story.

The ICE press release that stimulated these thoughts had a positive heading: Read more...

Where are the H-1B Geniuses?

By John Miano, May 8, 2011

The U.S. imports about 100,000 people a year on H-1B visas. The public is constantly told that this mass of labor imports represent the "Best and Brightest" in the world.

Where are the big accomplishments from those on H-1B visas?

The citations of "H-1B" accomplishments from program supporters illustrate this problem. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that: Read more...

Obama's Rule of Lawlessness

By James R. Edwards Jr., May 8, 2011

The Obama administration seems married to an ideology of willful lawlessness. Attorney General Eric Holder has vacated a ruling of the Board of Immigration Appeals concerning a deportable alien on account of sexual orientation. The next day, a similar deportation was held up on the same grounds.

This is the same administration and Justice Department and attorney general that filed suit against the state of Arizona last year over the state's duly enacted S.B. 1070, which closely paralleled federal laws concerning immigrants. Read more...

Holder Sends Signal Supporting Marriages of Gay Immigrants

By David North, May 8, 2011

Attorney General Eric Holder sent a signal earlier this week, opening the possibility that the Justice Department might view marriages involving gay migrants as comparable to traditional (i.e., one man-one woman) marriages.

The signal came when he – and this is rare – overruled a decision of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA); it had decided that a gay illegal alien could be deported despite the fact that he was in a civil union with a U.S. citizen. Had the alien in question been in a traditional marriage the deportation, presumably, would not have happened. Read more...

Just Another Mafia

By James R. Edwards Jr., May 7, 2011

The Washington Post ran a front-page story Saturday about a Mexican ID forgery ring that had operated in eleven states, from Rhode Island to North Carolina to Arkansas. Read more...