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Report: Open Borders Groups Spend Millions Lobbying

By Jon Feere, December 2, 2011

A new report by First Street, a CQ Press organization, analyzes two pieces of legislation – the DREAM Act and the Legal Workforce Act – and finds that open-border-oriented groups spend much, much more money lobbying than groups seeking a more rational immigration policy. Read more...

Yet Another Border Tunnel under the Otay Mesa

By David North, December 1, 2011

Two weeks ago I wrote:

Once again the ICE press operation is ballyhooing an event that might better be regarded as a failure of our border control authorities.

In its press release of yesterday, ICE tells the world happily that it found another tunnel, this one 400-yards long, near the port of entry on the Otay Mesa south of San Diego.

Today all I have to do is to change "400-yards" to "612 yards." Read more...

Questions for Newt Gingrich about His Immigration Proposal

By Ronald W. Mortensen, November 29, 2011

During the CNN Republican presidential debate on November 22 and in follow-up comments, Newt Gingrich appears to be proposing that illegal aliens who have committed serious job-related felonies for an extended period of time be granted legal status. Those who had committed felonies for only a short period of time would be subject to deportation. Read more...

Tiring of the Huddled Masses

By James R. Edwards Jr., November 29, 2011

The huddled masses of refugees being funneled to Manchester, N.H., have made that city tired and poorer, reports a news article in the New York Times. The mayor and city leaders are seeking a moratorium on refugee resettlement into their area. Read more...

Total Crash of Calif. EB-5 Project Makes USCIS Look Careless

By David North, November 28, 2011

The immigrant investor (EB-5) program has just received another black eye as a project in El Monte, Calif., collapsed amidst a complex, multi-part scandal.

One of the sidelights was the appearance of a minor (but jailed) Watergate figure, Donald Segretti, as the lawyer for the ousted developers. Read more...

A New Yorker View of the Border

By Jerry Kammer, November 28, 2011

The cover of the current New Yorker magazine, depicting Pilgrims in buckled hats and buckled jackets crawling through a hole in a border fence, is a fine example of the sensibility among many affluent, liberal Americans about illegal immigration. (My colleague David North has mentioned the cover as well.) I think of it as a quintessentially Upper West Side of Manhattan sensibility. It is most commonly seen on the New York Times editorial page. Read more...

There's a Steady Flow of New Spouses Among Those Migrating to the U.S.

By David North, November 28, 2011

We noted in a recent blog that the official viewpoint towards visa-creating marriages is considerably more welcoming in the U.S. – probably too much so – than in the U.K. Read more...

GAO Report: Illegal Aliens Start Forest Fires

By Jon Feere, November 26, 2011

Earlier this year, Sen. John McCain stated a fact – namely, that open borders lead to illegal aliens starting forest fires – and the usual suspects responded with the usual indignation. A new GAO report confirms that McCain was indeed correct. Read more...

We Have the Facts, But They Have Both the Poetry and the Magazine Covers

By David North, November 26, 2011

Those of us of the not-too-much-immigration persuasion have long had the facts on our side of the debate, but not the poetry.

Our careful analyses of the impact of immigration on the labor market, for example, are routinely overshadowed by their treasured stories of immigrant successes (Irving Berlin and Albert Einstein) and their pictorial images, (the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island).

It has turned out, in the last week or so, that we also do not have the magazine cover artists on our side, nor, significantly, the editors who choose those covers. Read more...

Newt Morphing into Bush and Teddy Kennedy on Amnesty

By James R. Edwards Jr., November 23, 2011

GOP flavor-of-the-week Newt Gingrich advanced the latest version of a pro-amnesty stance at the 11th Republican presidential debate last night. Remember George W. Bush's infamous "family values don't stop at the Rio Grande" debate sound bite? Remember where that sentiment led? The former House Speaker edged mighty close to the same moralizing to rationalize amnesty.

Here's what Gingrich said: