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Irish Workers in the Big Apple: American Kids (Apparently) Need Not Apply

By Jerry Kammer, June 11, 2012

When I was working on our report "Cheap Labor as Cultural Exchange", about the State Department program that brings more than 100,000 foreign college students to the United States every year for temporary jobs and includes financial incentives for American employers not to hire American workers, I frequently heard complaints that employers couldn't find American kids to do the jobs. Read more...

DOJ Expands Gun Rights for Certain Nonimmigrant Aliens

By David North, June 11, 2012

The Department of Justice has used its power to define legal terminology to give a large class of nonimmigrant aliens gun rights that they did not have previously.

Whether intended to be one or not, it is simultaneously a victory for the more-guns people and the more-migration people, an interesting (and to me, depressing) two-fer. Read more...

Why Not Reduce Immigration Too?

By Otis Graham, June 8, 2012

Last month, I posted a blog, "Do Immigrants Bowl Together?", an assessment of Robert Putnam's influential 2000 book Bowling Alone. Putnam presented a richly documented argument that America was enduring a decades-long weakening of the bonds of social capital that had commenced in the 1950s. Read more...

Death Threats and Bond Defaults Linked to Different H-1B Programs

By David North, June 8, 2012

Death threats were linked in a court document to one major H-1B program and a $19 million bond issue default to another H-1B user, the latter according to this week's New York Times.

The death threats were made against Jay Palmer, the stand-up U.S. citizen who blew the whistle against Infosys, one of the largest of the Indian bodyshops in the H-1B business, and the bond default was announced by Wells Fargo, trustee of a series of bonds issued by three tax-supported charter schools run by the controversial Turkish Gulen movement. Read more...

Proposal: Let's Look at All the Foreign Worker Programs as a Whole

By David North, June 7, 2012

Let's stop looking at the nonimmigrant worker programs one at a time and instead address them as a worrisome whole.

That was the central idea presented at a meeting hosted yesterday by the Economic Policy Institute, a progressive Washington think tank. Read more...

Hiring Illegals? Securities Regulators May Call

By James R. Edwards Jr., June 7, 2012

A Bloomberg Businessweek report says the Securities and Exchange Commission is increasingly investigating publicly traded companies that run afoul of immigration laws. That's good news because businesses that gain an unfair competitive advantage over law-abiding firms should be held to account for all aspects of their ill-gotten gains. Read more...

The Untold Emigration from Central America

By Jerry Kammer, June 7, 2012

We've been hearing a great deal of speculation lately that emigration from Mexico to the United States has reached an inflection point. Some observers say that demographic changes in Mexico are combining with greater economic opportunity there to bring a definitive end to the four decades of mass emigration that have transferred about 10 percent of Mexico's population to the United States.

What we haven't heard much about in the U.S. press is the ongoing exodus from Central America. I have read several reports in the Mexican press, however, estimating that 300,000 Central Americans are crossing Mexico every year on their way to the United States. Read more...

The 21st Birthday, Hailed by Most, but Dreaded by Some Aliens

By David North, June 6, 2012

One's 21st birthday is routinely a time for celebration. One is old enough to buy liquor and is regarded by most laws as an adult, with all its rights and responsibilities. When I was younger the birthday also meant that my peers and I could vote.

That birthday, however, is a day of dread for some aliens, because it marks the end of some migration rights that go to children, but not to adults. If you had a right to some immigration benefit that you lost on this birthday you have, in the jargon of the trade, "aged out". Read more...

USCIS Verbal Magic: "Immigrant Investors" Become "Alien Entrepreneurs"

By David North, June 5, 2012

For years USCIS has been using the term "immigrant investor" to describe the EB-5 program, which gives green cards to otherwise inadmissible alien families for making short-term, half-million-dollar investments in the United States, a subject covered in a recent CIS Backgrounder.

In late April, however, the agency decided to use the term "alien entrepreneur" instead, and Immigration Daily printed the USCIS document in question. Read more...

USCIS Does Right Thing on Some Applications, but Does Not Announce It

By David North, June 4, 2012

One of the ironies about the regulation of immigration is that when the government does the right thing it is usually silent about it; you only hear about it because of the screams of the immigration bar.

Alan Lee, a prominent immigration attorney, writing in the June 1 issue of Immigration Daily, bemoans what he regards as the rising rates of denials and other negative rulings in connection with nonimmigrant worker programs, trends I have not seen mentioned in any government press releases. Here are some of the figures, all based on USCIS statistics, that upset him: Read more...