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DREAM Act: Rewarding Illegal Behavior to Build the New American Utopia

By Ronald W. Mortensen, October 9, 2012

Advocates for illegal aliens have discovered the solution to our economic woes — the DREAM Act. If everyone would just stop complaining and praise President Obama for his efforts to stimulate the economy by legalizing illegal aliens, we would take another great leap forward toward utopia. Read more...

Friendly Fire Incident Highlights Border Tensions, Strained Resources

By Janice Kephart, October 8, 2012

News continues to emerge concerning the death of Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie. Current evidence has led Border Patrol Union President George McCubbin to conclude that Ivie was killed after firing on a pair of agents responding to the same tripped sensor. This unusual tragedy highlights just how high tensions are riding on the unsecured Arizona border. Read more...

Law Profs: Obama's Deferred Action Not Supported by Constitution

By Jon Feere, October 8, 2012

A new paper by John Yoo (UC Berkeley School of Law) and Robert J. Delahunty (University of St. Thomas School of Law, Minnesota) raises many questions about President Obama's decision to grant legal status to nearly two million illegal aliens under deferred action and concludes that the president's act "threatens to vest the executive branch with broad domestic policy authority that the Constitution does not grant it." If taken to its logical conclusion, President Obama's lawless action has the power to undermine the entirety of immigration law, while expanding the presidential power in all domestic policy areas. Read more...

New Zealand Offers Bright Idea on Identifying Sham Universities

By David North, October 8, 2012

As three U.S. senators (and several of my blogs) have pointed out repeatedly, the Department of Homeland Security is not very assertive about closing down sham universities that operate as immigration visa mills.

There's another approach, as an article from New Zealand's leading daily, The New Zealand Herald, indicates: Let the rival, for-profit schools run stings on the visa mills, and take the evidence to court. Read more...

Why Give Aid to a Nation that Doesn't Accept Its Own Criminal Deportees?

By David North, October 5, 2012

It is a typical sob-sister report on a deportation matter, but it includes a reference to a rarely discussed law enforcement/diplomatic issue: What do we do about nations that accept hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, but will not take back their citizens as deportees?

The answer, sadly, is very little.

The story was in Thursday's Washington Post and its headline tells the paper's pitch: "After run-in with law, Cambodian immigrant's permanent residency is at risk". Read more...

Department of Preening Editorials (5): Verification is THE Key Element of Immigration Reform

By Stanley Renshon, October 5, 2012

Editor's Note: View a listing of the entire series

Mischaracterizing the effort to ensure that only persons who are legally entitled to work here are able to do so as "punitive", is one method by which legalization advocates, including the Washington Post, try to stack the deck against the "fair, cogent, and economically rational" immigration policies they purportedly support. Read more...

Department of Preening Editorials (4): "Self-Deportation", a Misused and Misunderstood Term

By Stanley Renshon, October 4, 2012

Editor's Note: View a listing of the entire series

The Washington Post's tendentious and inaccurate editorial calls Mitt Romney's immigration views incoherent.

They are not; they are entirely consistent, and what's more, if you think about them clearly and carefully they make very good logical and policy sense. Read more...

Fusion: Reaching for the Unattainable in Energy and, Apparently, Homeland Security

By W.D. Reasoner, October 3, 2012

Controlled fusion — as opposed to fission — of atoms has long been the holy grail of nuclear energy proponents, to date with no success, although physicists have lately made amazing breakthroughs in, for instance, bringing forward evidence of the existence of the elusive Higgs boson.

It would seem that efforts to successfully achieve fusion at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are equally elusive. Read more...

People for the American Way Takes the Low Road with Romney Ad

By Jerry Kammer, October 3, 2012

A new 30-second political spot that People for the American Way has launched on Spanish-language television distorts Mitt Romneys views on Latinos in order to encourage Latino voters not to vote for Romney. The ad is part of a $1 million ad buy in the key election states of Virginia, Ohio, and Wisconsin. I saw it on last night's Univision evening news and during the telenovela "Refugio Para el Amor".

The centerpiece is Romney's infamous comments about the "47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what … . who are dependent upon the government". Read more...

Department of Preening Editorials (3): Romney Does Not Support Amnesty for 11 Million Illegal Aliens

By Stanley Renshon, October 3, 2012

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The Washington Post's erroneous assertion about Mitt Romney having laid claim to his father's Mexican heritage for political purposes, and his supposed lack of specificity, is simply a warm-up for its real complaint about the GOP presidential nominee. Read more...