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H-1 B Program Grace Notes

By David North, April 25, 2012

There is so much going on with the H-1B program that it's worth taking another look at recent developments.

I-9 "Errors". We learned from a Reuters story written in Mumbai that Infosys, the big software firm and massive user of H-1B workers, is being investigated for I-9 "errors" by the Department of Homeland Security. Read more...

Turnabout Is Fair Play: A Spoof

By David North, April 24, 2012

While the members of the U.S. Congress are busily considering how to bring in more high-tech nonimmigrant workers, a counter movement is afoot.

A band of techies, advocating the interests of unemployed U.S. computer programmers, engineers, and other professionals, is considering the creation of the HR-1 and S-1 visa program, which would increase the productivity of Congress and lower its costs while bringing some of the world's "best and brightest" to the United States as nonimmigrant lawmakers. Read more...

Uncommon Common Sense: LAPD's Union Bucks the Brass

By W.D. Reasoner, April 24, 2012

A short while back, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced, with the support of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, that he was promulgating a new "Special Order 7", under which officers will no longer immediately impound the vehicles of unlicensed drivers for 30 days if they meet certain criteria such as having car insurance and no prior convictions for driving without a license. Read more...

New York Times Op-Ed Argues Against Deportations of Illegal Alien Parents

By David North, April 23, 2012

There was an op-ed piece in Saturday's (April 21) New York Times about the plight of children of deported illegal aliens that seemed to argue for a two-tier deportation system: While some non-parent illegal aliens might be subject to deportation, no illegal alien with kids should ever be deported.

The authors did not discuss the totally predictable results of such a policy: Read more...

Arizona Case Before Supreme Court This Week

By James R. Edwards Jr., April 23, 2012

Arizona v. United States comes before the U.S. Supreme Court this week for oral arguments. The core issue involves whether or not the Constitution allows states to write their own law enforcement statutes that relate to foreigners' immigration status. Read more...

Reform Our Visa System for Entrepreneurs or Reform the Economy?

By Stanley Renshon, April 20, 2012

Sometimes a news report provides informative juxtapositions that underscore the foolishness of our immigration policies. Case in point is the New York Times piece on reforming the EB-5 visa system, "Making Visas-for-Dollars Work".

The basic idea of the program is simple. The United States sells visas to those who invest between $500,000 and $1 million here and create at least 10 domestic jobs from that investment within two years. If they do so, they get a green card. (My colleague David North has written extensively on the program.) Read more...

Let's Play the Guilt by Association Game!

By Mark Krikorian, April 19, 2012

The open-borders folks never tire of trying to tar immigration skeptics with the racist label by inquiring whom they had lunch with or who copied their material off the web. So, merely as an educational exercise for the other side, allow me to demonstrate where such smear tactics can lead. Read more...

Assimilation, Attachment, and Economic Opportunity

By Stanley Renshon, April 19, 2012

Two recent stories in the New York Times underline, if only inadvertently, the importance of a robust economy to the continuing assimilation of legal immigrants.

The first is titled, "Many U.S. Immigrants' Children Seek American Dream Abroad". It is a reminder that emotional attachment to the American national community is the real final accomplishment of assimilation, when it happens. And that is a precious, not-to-be-taken-for-granted outcome that is the foundation of American support for legal immigration. Read more...

Let's Create American Workers' Desks in Federal Agencies

By David North, April 19, 2012

Here's an old idea — left over from the Kennedy years — that should be revived: Let's create top-level American Workers' Desks in each of the federal agencies extending big subsidies and big contracts to big business.

The (admittedly negative) inspiration for this thought came from a CBS News story titled "Unions say foreign workers get stimulus jobs". This bit of investigative journalism revealed that while federal stimulus money had been poured into Michigan factories owned by two Korean firms, LG Chem and Dow Kokam, many of the jobs created went to newly arrived Korean migrant workers. Read more...

Clueless in Cook County

By W.D. Reasoner, April 18, 2012

A few days ago, my colleague, Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, sent me a news article from The Chicago Tribune.

The article, originally published October 30, 2011, was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and is quite interesting. It lays out the phenomenon of individuals — aliens, all — who have fled from serious criminal charges in the metropolitan Chicago area to return to their home country of Mexico, where they live openly despite the existence of felony warrants against them and apparently without fear of being located or extradited. It's a troubling indictment of an apparently broken system where U.S. state, local, and federal officers don't seem to be doing much to bring these individuals back to face trial. Read more...